“It clearly wasn’t the joy”: Developers aren’t mourning the end of Internet Explorer | TechBuzz

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Microsoft had announced it, it is now time to say goodbye to internet explorer. Twenty-seven years after it was first put online, the browser is definitely bowing out. Vatil miss the developers?

The end of Internet Explorer is not a surprise. The browser, created by Microsoft in 1965, will stop working on June 15, 2022 after many years of loyal (but relatively poor) service. The American firm Redmond had already indicated this more than a year ago. Internet Explorer had not been updated for a few years and Microsoft advised its users to favor its new browser launched in 2015, namely Edge. New Internet Explorer users will now be automatically redirected there. What do the developers think? Are they affected by the end of Internet Explorer?

« Internet Explorer did not represent a large share of the market. Only big boxes or old services designed for this browser (with proxies) might have been impacted. But, that won’t be the case, because it’s been a while since they were warned », explains Mathieu Menut, the CTO at Humanoid, the publisher of Numerama.

Farewells, but without consequences for the developers

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If we look at the figures shared by the Statcounter site, in May 2022 only 0.64% of entries on the web were made from Internet Explorer against 64.95% for Chrome, the Google browser.

“I had the opportunity, and this for almost 10 years, to work with Internet Explorer, and it was clearly not the joy”, describes William Bastard, Web technical director at Étienne Services. According to him, there was “So much to manage in terms of CSS and JavaScript, that maintaining a browser like Internet Explorer would have been too difficult. And then, it weighed heavily in human resources. »

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Screenshot 2022-06-15 at 14.26.32
Internet Explorer statistics for the month of May 2022 (in blue) // Source: gs.statscounter.com

The decent into hell of Internet Explorer is explained first of all by ” the poor software development of Internet Explorer », explains Mathieu Menut. The rise of Firefox and Google Chrome also got the better of it, renowned for its slowness.

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But for William Bastard, the problem of Internet Explorer can also be explained by Microsoft’s strategy, which imposed this software on users at all costs, without necessarily adapting to current standards. ” The web needs uniformity, norms, standards and best practices. Standards and norms have changed. If a browser is imposed on us, its problems must be solved through updates. For example, 10 years ago, if your site was working, it was already very good. Today, it takes optimization and resources, both on the client side and on the server side. »

A bitter failure for Microsoft

Internet Explorer is arguably Microsoft’s biggest failure in the consumer software category. ” Today, the main browsers are based on a Gecko or WebKit rendering engine, which was not the case with Internet Explorer », poursuit William Bastard.

Its version 11 has never been a popular browser. After the launch of Microsoft Edge, its shortcomings were brought to light, by contrast (many criticizing it for poor performance unlike Chrome, Firefox).

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Over the years, the slowness of Internet Explorer had even become a “meme” on social networks. On Twitter, Microsoft’s browser even has the right to his parody account in French, followed by more than 178,000 users. Mocking the slowness of the software, the account publishes news months or even years late. And this is likely to last even after the “death” of the browser.

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