Lidl would like to win a few new prepaid customers and has currently significantly reduced the price of its own prepaid card. Although you pay much less for the card, you get the full 10 euros starting credit and thus make a small profit.

Lidl sells prepaid cards for 1.99 euros

The range of prepaid providers is constantly increasing. Almost every discounter, supermarket and many online providers now offer their own cards that are active in the three German mobile networks. Aldi Talk at o2, Lidl at Vodafone and Rewe at Telekom, to name a few well-known examples. Lidl has now started a campaign that runs until June 27th. During this period you get the prepaid card for only 1.99 euros (look at Lidl). There are no shipping costs.

The credit on the card remains unaffected if you buy the Lidl Connect prepaid card. There are 10 euros on it, which you ultimately get with an 80% discount. So you have enough money on the card to book the normal prepaid tariff for 7.99 euros, with which you can be on the road for four weeks without any problems. If you want to use the larger tariffs, you have to top up some credit. You can get the credit at the checkout or top it up online.

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How to get rid of your current mobile phone contract:

For whom is the Lidl prepaid card worthwhile?

Ultimately for everyone who doesn’t want to be tied to a contract and wants to be completely flexible. There are now hardly any contracts that can be terminated monthly, since the offers are hardly worthwhile for the providers. That’s why prepaid is moving more into focus again. You get enough LTE data volume, a telephone and SMS flat rate for little money and are on the road with Lidl in the Vodafone network. You don’t really need more if you’re honest. This action comes at exactly the right time.

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