With the MacBook Air 2022, Apple has comprehensively revised the most popular mobile Mac and given the Luftikus a completely new design. But Apple has probably not revealed everything to you yet, because the biggest surprise could still be ahead of you in a few months.


Apple big thing: MacBook Air with 15-inch display

There was already speculation about this in advance, but now Bloomberg reporter and Apple insider Mark Gurman is picking it up again and specifying his information. As a result, Apple is planning a larger MacBook Air. This model is said to have a 15-inch display for the first time – there has never been a MacBook Air this large before (Quelle: Bloomberg).

So if you’ve been flirting with a 16-inch MacBook Pro, but the high price got in the way, then there will soon be a cheaper alternative. According to the report, Apple wants to present the new MacBook Air in size XL in early 2023 at a spring event. A presentation in March or April would therefore be conceivable. Technically and in terms of shape, the computer should be based on the new MacBook Air 2022, i.e. contain a new M2 chip and, in addition to a MagSafe connection, have two Thunderbolt / USB 4 connections.

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Apple latest laptop in the video:

MacBook Air 2022: All information about the new Apple notebook

In planning: Smaller MacBook, iPads with M2 and MacBooks Pros

But that’s not enough At the beginning of 2024, Apple could then want to introduce a smaller model with a 12-inch display. It’s still unclear whether Apple calls this notebook “Air” or simply revives the name “MacBook” without an addition. Let’s remember: Originally, the MacBook was Apple’s cheapest laptop in a plastic case. After a hiatus, Apple picked up the name again but sold a very compact sub-notebook with a 12-inch screen under it.

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There’s also news from the Pro models. Apple is already working on the M2 Pro and the M2 Max, Apple could possibly show it to the world by the end of 2022. However, Gurman considers a delay to 2023 quite possible. So it is not yet certain whether there will be updates for the MacBook Pro with 14- and 16-inch displays this year. Furthermore, the M2 chip installed in the MacBook Air should also be found in the iPad Pro by the end of the year. Correspondingly new model variants are planned for 2022.