Apple is still officially keeping it a secret from when exactly the new MacBook Air 2022 with M2 chip will be available for purchase. According to a recent report, however, the release date has now been revealed. So which date can you mark in your calendar?


Apple is currently formulating the order and sales start of the MacBook Air 2022 quite imprecisely on its own website: available from July. The manufacturer will not be more specific. On the other hand, the trustworthy retail source that the MacRumors colleagues are currently referring to seems more informative. According to this, the MacBook Air with M2 chip should be available on Friday, July 15th (What: MacRumors).

MacBook Air 2022: M2 model available to order from July 8th

The new Apple laptop can then traditionally be ordered a week in advance. Ergo from Friday, July 8th. It can be assumed that these dates also apply to authorized dealers as usual. In other words, orders are not only being accepted by Apple itself, but also by other shops and dealers.

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The MacBook Air with M2 chip has been completely redesigned by Apple:

MacBook Air 2022: All information about the new Apple notebook

In Germany, prices start at 1,499 euros. A pretty hefty premium to US pricing. We already discussed the reasons for this in a separate article. In retail, however, one can expect to pay a little less. So it’s worth keeping an eye on the price comparison (view price comparison at

Is Apple saving on storage again?

One question currently remains unanswered: Will Apple install a less powerful SSD in the base model of the MacBook Air M2? This is the case with the MacBook Pro with M2 chip. In contrast to the previous model, Apple only uses a single NAND memory in the smallest configuration with 256 GB and not two as before. As a result, the performance values ​​drop accordingly. For the Pro model, this is a noticeable deterioration. For the Air, on the other hand, it might still be more acceptable. However, we will only be able to find out whether this is the case with the first test reports from customers.