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Apple has unveiled a new MacBook Air, equipped with the Apple M2 chip. Its predecessor will remain in the range, which could make people interested in this computer hesitate.

Apple announced a new MacBook Air at its WWDC 2022 (developer-focused event) kickoff conference on June 6, 2022. And our first impressions are very positive. With this compact computer dedicated to the general public, the Cupertino company introduces two things: a redesigned design and its new Apple M2 chip.

However, the previous MacBook Air, a reference in our eyes (which we were able to test), equipped with an Apple M1 processor, remains in the catalog. As it costs a few hundred euros less, many will ask the question: should we fall for the novelty at all costs? It all depends on your sensitivity to the differences between the two MacBook Airs.

The match between the MacBook Air (Apple M1) and the MacBook Air (Apple M2)


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The two MacBook Airs come together on one point: compactness. Apple has always wanted this computer to be very practical to carry around. And if the MacBook Air (Apple M2) sports a unique design, the differences ultimately remain quite minimal in terms of measurements.

MacBook Air M2 One
Source : Numerama

The measurements of the two MacBook Airs :

MacBook Air M1 MacBook Air M2
Thickness 0.41 to 1.61 cm 1,13 cm
Lenght 30,41 cm 30,41 cm
Depth 21,24 cm 21,5 cm
Weight 1,29 kg 1,24 kg

The only real noticeable difference is in the thickness: it is fixed for the new MacBook Air. There are also different finishes available. When the previous one only offers three (gold, silver, space gray), the 2022 generation climbs to four (silver, starlight, space gray, midnight).

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In terms of connectors, the MacBook Air (Apple M2) gains a MagSafe 3 charging port, but offers nothing more than the other (jack port, two Thunderbolt / USB 4 ports).

Verdict : the two MacBook Airs are very similar in general design, with the same philosophy of compactness. The new one is a bit more modern.


On this criterion, the MacBook (Apple M2) marks a real break. It trades in the simple 13.3-inch Retina display for a 13.6-inch Liquid Retina, pushing the edges as far as possible with rounded edges. However, like the latest MacBook Pros, it sports a notch that may be debatable.

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The differences on the screen :

MacBook Air M1 MacBook Air M2
Technology Retina Liquid Retina
Diagonal 13.3 inches 13.6 inches
Native resolution 2 560 x 1 600 pixels 2 560 x 1 664 pixels
Light power 400 nits 500 nits
True Tone

Verdict : the MacBook Air (Apple M2) is better, but you have to accept this notch.


The new MacBook Air therefore switches to the Apple M2 chip, but we see more of a market trend (processors evolve every year) than a real change for users. Because if the M2 will be more efficient than the M1, it is difficult to imagine consumer uses where the power difference will be really convincing. It’s the same observation that we make every year for the iPhone: from one generation to another, the gain is difficult to assess – except for a professional with large resource needs (but he is not the MacBook Air target).

Note however that Apple announces the same autonomy for both models: up to 18 hours, in video playback.

Verdict : the MacBook Air (Apple M2), obviously, but what good is it?

WWDC 2022 – June 6 _ Apple 1-8-52 screenshot
The recap of the new MacBook Air M2. // Source: Numerama screenshot


The coronavirus pandemic has transformed the way we work: we have learned to collaborate more remotely, from home. Manufacturers have understood this, adapting their products in order to provide us with high-performance tools for telework. In particular, the need for equipment for videoconferencing has evolved. And, on this point, the MacBook Air (Apple M2) sinks its predecessor.

Video conferencing equipment :

MacBook Air M1 MacBook Air M2
Camera 720p 1080p
Microphones 3 3
Speakers 2 4

Verdict : the MacBook Air (Apple M2), winner by KO.


If the MacBook Air (Apple M2) is intended for the general public, Apple has chosen a very high price: you have to pay a minimum of €1,499 to acquire it. The MacBook Air (Apple M1) remains at €1,199, or even €1,099 – a much more affordable price (not to mention the promotions). In any case, we can inflate the characteristics by adding storage (up to 2 TB) and memory (up to 24 GB on the M2 and 16 on the M1).

Verdict : €1,499 is starting to be expensive for a consumer product.

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