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Advertising and video games are compatible terms nowadays, but for most of them it primarily refers to mobile games where many users are already used to expecting to advertise various products and services while in the process of playing. PC games and games on consoles today still keep a certain distance from advertising and on them the player can play the game from start to finish without being offered anything.

According to the latest information, Xbox fans could be the first to experience advertising within video games.

connecting a keyboard and mouse to the Xbox One console

Can this be called a surprise? Not really.

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Maybe a couple of weeks before this news, information appeared that Sony is working intensively on introducing ads in free games, and these changes can be expected by the end of the year. On PlayStation consoles, ads are currently visible within the menus used by developers to promote their games, but introducing them to the games themselves is a step further.

Drawn by the experience of mobile games, ads can have different formats. They can, for example, be simple in-game visual templates that connect with the world in which the player is currently located, they can be interactive and bring the player closer to the advertised brands through in-game tasks or simply in the form of coupons offering in-game discount codes and vouchers that can be used in the real world when buying products.

In theory, in-game ads are divided into three types: static (ads that do not change), dynamically (changing ads) and so-called advergaming oglasi (the game itself was produced as an ad).

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It may be less well known, but some games were already used for very strong marketing campaigns and, from today’s perspective, they only announced the future transformation of advertising.

Remember the 2008 U.S. presidential election when Barack Obama won his first term? The campaign had then moved into the virtual world, so games such as Guitar Hero III, Madden NFL 09, NBA Live 2008, Nascar 09 or Need For Speed ​​Carbon could see virtual posters with Obama’s picture inviting citizens to vote. .

One recent example is the NBA 2K22 sports simulation. Nike and Puma are brands whose collections are related to amateur and professional sports. NBA 2K22 has placed their logo in play on a number of virtual objects in the background and every player just can’t miss it. This not only complemented the gaming experience within the game, but created a positive image of these brands and NBA 2K22 basketball simulation players will notice Nike and Puma brand products sooner.

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NBA 2K22

A similar example is the promotion of Michael Jordan’s products at Fortnite. In December 2021, Fortnite announced it was starting a partnership with the Jordan brand. Players were able to compete for the famous model of Air Jordan XI Cool Gray sneakers and gain access to various other features within the game.

These examples show that advertising within video games is nothing new, but the changes that could follow on consoles will not be individual examples, but preparation for serial advertising that could slowly become the rule.

Sony had already announced such a policy change, and now Microsoft has appeared in the same context.

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On the famous news portal Business Insider an article was noted in which Microsoft states that it is interested in introducing ads to games. It was even noted that the technology giant is currently in the phase of looking for advertising companies that could implement such plans.

All users who often spend time playing games on mobile phones know that the concept of advertising can sometimes saturate the screen so much with advertising of various products or services that they eventually give up further activities within the game. Microsoft in this case does not want to do that and distract players from playing games.

Instead, Microsoft wants to place ads in the game itself. An example of this is the open world game where ads can be displayed in various places, which could be classified as a non-invasive way of advertising that should not affect the gaming experience.

For Xbox players, ads are no stranger at the moment. Businesses can display their ads on the Xbox control panel, and players, it can be said, haven’t quite embraced this way of capturing part of the screen when using the console.

Importantly, Microsoft would start testing the new form of advertising only for free games. The logic here is clear, targeting ads to already paid games could potentially cause resentment among players because they have already paid for the entire content they consume. Free games are an easier way to implement advertising because players have not spent money on them.

The question remains whether Xbox players will really notice the ads within the game. What were once fictional in-game ads and posters made for a stronger visual impression could now become real commercials presenting real-life products.

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If this form of advertising is adopted, which is only a matter of time, we will witness the transition of advertising that will serially become part of video games.

Writes: Ervin Mičetić

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