What actually comes after the iPhone? The rumor mill agrees and swears by Apple’s in-house mixed reality headset. But when should the good piece actually come? The plans for this have now been revealed by a well-informed insider.


Could replace the iPhone: Apple’s release planning for the mixed reality headset

Actually would have Apples Mixed-Reality-Headset, i.e. data glasses that combine virtual and augmented realities, are to be shown at WWDC 2022. But the original plans became obsolete months ago, Apple is not ready yet. The product is very important, even more important than the iPhone. After all, experts assume that such a device has what it takes to completely inherit the iPhone in about 10 years. But when is this to be expected, what does Apple’s timetable look like?

Details are currently revealed by Ming-Chi Kuo, the expert is usually well informed and his word is heard. Potential customers must therefore basically wait until 2023but we could see the good piece in just over half a year (source: Ming-Chi Kuo). Apples Roadmap im Detail:

  • EVT from the third quarter of 2022, which means the technical acceptance test.
  • The headset will be presented at an Apple special event in January 2023.
  • Delivery of the development kits within two to three weeks after the event so that the app developers can get started.
  • Apple will then accept the first pre-orders in the second quarter of 2023.
  • It will be delivered before WWDC 2023, i.e. probably in early June.
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Competitor Microsoft already has a corresponding solution, now Apple wants to follow suit and do it better:

Windows 10: Mixed Reality combines virtual and real worlds

Delivery in June 2023

Ergo: In just over a year, customers will be able to hold the mixed reality headset in their own hands. The promising product is therefore coming with a delay, but not as late as one might have feared. Before the plans that have now been revealed, an even later start would have been possible, with a general presentation only taking place at WWDC 2023. We probably don’t have to wait that long after all.