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Large investments raise the quality of the network, and as Nenad Šlibar CTO Telemach Hrvatska claims for, now, thanks to the fixed optical network, it is possible to offer speeds of 2/2 Gbps for residential and business users.

Regarding the 5G network, Šlibar points out that in addition to the modernization of existing 4G technologies with MIMO technology, 5G at 700 MHz was introduced through DSS technology and a significant number of 3.5 GHz base stations were installed.

Telemach Croatia invests a lot in fixed and optical networks. What technologies are involved and what do they bring to users?

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Telemach started building a fixed access network exclusively through the implementation of optical infrastructure and the use of XGS-PON technology. It is the latest generation of 10 Gigabit Symmetric Technology that can be upgraded to higher capacities in the future while providing even higher data rates.

The biggest feature of the 10 Giga optical network is the provision of symmetrical data transfer speeds, and the provision of Internet access at a speed of 2/2 Gbps makes our offer unique in the residential market.

5G network and optics are the present but also the future of technology, but the transition to new technologies is not easy at all?

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The introduction of new technologies is always a challenge, among other things, because it is necessary to ensure the continuity of service delivery on current technologies, since the use of new technologies is associated with changes in user equipment.

Precisely with the intention of providing our customers with services based on the most advanced technologies, Telemach Croatia, with the support of the United Group, will invest over one billion and seven hundred million kuna in the modernization of mobile and optical infrastructure over a period of five years. It is a very complex and challenging process, so the speed with which we at Telemach have done this modernization makes us even more proud.

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We started with the modernization of the radio access network in Telemach immediately after obtaining licenses for the 5G spectrum (in August 2021), and today the fastest 5G network is present in all major Croatian cities and major tourist centers. In addition to modernizing existing 4G technologies with MIMO technology, 5G at 700 MHz was introduced through DSS technology and a significant number of 3.5 GHz base stations were installed. Extremely fast dynamics of 5G network development resulted in Ookla measurements which showed that in the first quarter of 2022 Telemach’s 5G network was the fastest in Croatia.

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When we talk about the fixed network, although we were the last to arrive on the fixed telephony market, we are the first in Croatia to implement the most modern 10 Gbps technology.

What are the plans for the construction of 5G and optics this year in Croatia?

With our proven fastest 5G network, which comes as a result of the modernization of the entire mobile network, we plan to cover all major Croatian cities and major tourist centers throughout Croatia by the beginning of July. Of course, we do not stop covering new locations with the 5G network and increase coverage in all parts of Croatia.

As far as the optical network is concerned, we continue to build and expand the coverage areas with the 10 Giga optical network, which currently covers almost all of Zagreb’s districts and Velika Gorica. We started with the expansion of optics in Split and Zadar, and soon we will start with the introduction of optics in Osijek. The fastest fixed Internet is already available to 100,000 households in Croatia, and we are rapidly continuing to build on, with the goal of covering a third of Croatian households with optics by 2025.

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