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To attack the month of July, Netflix strikes a blow with the arrival of the second part of season 4 of Stranger Things. Also not to be missed is the series adaptation of the Resident Evil video game or the announced chase between Ryan Gosling and Chris Evans in The Gray Man.

Stranger Things (saison 4) // Source : Netflix

Your patience is finally rewarded. The second Volume of season 4 of Stranger Things is available this Friday on Netflix. The opportunity to finally know the outcome of the adventures of Onze / Eleven, Mike, Will, Max and all their friends.

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Also discover the adaptation of the video game Resident Evil in series or even Ryan Gosling as a CIA killer chased by Chris Evans in The Gray Man.

Series releases on Netflix in July 2022

Stranger Things 4 – Volume 2

After reconnecting with her past, Eleven (Eleven/Jane) is ready to face a new threat that hits Hawkins. Her friends try to unravel the mystery of Vecna ​​to save Max and the townspeople while Joyce finally finds Hopper. The fourth season is coming to an end in this second part, which starts on July 1.

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Resident Evil

New game adapted by Netflix: Resident Evil rises from the ashes on July 14 in a new adaptation of Capcom’s game. Milla Jovovich is gone, but the virus-infected creatures return. In New Raccoon City, fourteen years later, Jade Wesker tries to survive in a world populated by zombies due to the drug Joy. She tries to find out what really happened to her sister Billie.

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Kung Fu Panda

With the holidays, the youngest are not forgotten either. The most famous panda in animated films is back on July 14 for a brand new series. The warrior Po must team up with a noble English knight in order to recover magic weapons and restore his reputation.

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  • July, 1st:
    • Stranger Things (saison 4 volume 2)
  • July 6:
    • Control Z (saison 3)
    • King of Stonks
    • Heroic coma in another world
  • July 7:
    • The World of Karma (season 3)
  • July 8:
    • Boo, Bitch
    • Captain (season 2)
    • Architect of Desire
    • The night will be long
  • July 13:
    • Send Wood (Season 2)
    • Beyond the pain
    • Sintonia (saison 3)
  • July 14th:
    • Resident evil
    • Kung Fu Panda: The Dragon Knight
  • July 15th:
    • Fazar
    • Mom, Don’t Do That!
  • July 18:
    • StoryBots: Laugh, Learn, Sing: Collection 2: Learn to Read
  • July 20:
    • Virgin River (saison 4)
    • Bad exorcist (saison 2)
  • July 21:
    • Jurassic World: Cretaceous Camp (Season 5)
  • 22nd of July:
    • In glass and against all (season 3)
  • July 23:
  • July 25:
    • Gabby and the Magic House (season 5)
  • July 26:
  • July 27:
    • My dream house (season 3)
    • Car master: From rust to gold (season 4)
    • Rebel (season 2)
  • July 28:
  • July 29:
    • Fanatic
    • Uncoupled
    • The Vigilantes: Rebel Cheer Squad
    • The beauty of Jerusalem (season 2)
    • Detective Conan: Zero at Tea Time
  • To come:

Film and documentary releases in July 2022

The Gray Man

Ryan Gosling plays Court Gentry, a CIA agent, professional killer who becomes the target of a former sidekick (Chris Evans). Nicknamed The Gray Man, he will rely on another agent (Ana de Armas) to help him. On view from July 22.

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DB Cooper: Where’s the hijacker?

One of the greatest mysteries ever solved. In 1971, a hijacker parachutes out of a plane, a bag full of cash with him. His identity still remains a mystery.

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And also…

In Persuasion, Dakota Johnson portrays a woman who sees a man she had rejected years before come back into her life. If you prefer animated films, The sea monster is for you. The story of a young stowaway who crosses paths with a sea monster hunter. Finally, in the documentary The most hated man on the internet a mother goes on a crusade against the owner of a pornographic site.

  • July 6:
    • Hello, goodbye, and we in the middle
    • Girl in the Picture: Crime en abîme
  • July 8:
    • Ranveer vs. Wild avec Bear Grylls
    • The Sea Monster
    • Dangerous Liaisons
    • Incantation
    • Jewel
  • 11 July:
  • July 12:
    • journey to the edge of the mind
    • My Daughter’s Killer
  • July 13:
    • Under the Amalfi sun
    • DB Cooper: Where is the hijacker?
    • Shimon Peres: The Man Who Dared to Dream
  • July 15th:
    • Jaadugar: The Magic of Great Encounters
    • Persuasion
  • July 18:
    • No more fairy accounts?
    • Live is Life
    • My Little Pony: A New Generation: Sing-Along
  • 22nd of July:
  • July 26:
  • July 27:
    • Pipa
    • The Internet’s Most Hated Man
  • July 28:
    • Unraveling and getting in trouble
  • July 29:
    • Our bruised hearts
    • Districts of nobility
  • To come:
    • Indian Predator: The Delhi Butcher


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