Samsung already offers countless Android smartphones, but the South Korean company never tires of bringing new versions onto the market. Now a new version of the Galaxy S21 is said to be on offer, which will be much worse than the already existing model.

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Samsung Galaxy S21 FE planned with a weak processor

Samsung offered the Galaxy S20 FE (test) in a 4G and 5G version. The 4G version was without a doubt the weaker model. The Galaxy S21 FE then only had a 5G version, so there was no confusion. But that’s about to change, as a retailer revealed (source: GalaxyClub). Accordingly, there is now a 4G version of the Galaxy S21 FE and it really packs a punch – in a negative sense. Only a Snapdragon 720G is installed there.

As a reminder, the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE 5G (test) is equipped with a Snapdragon 888. An absolute high-end processor that has almost twice the performance of the Snapdragon 720G. It is then no longer a high-end smartphone, but a mid-range device that is more in the area of ​​the Galaxy A53, which is now sold for less than 400 euros. Selling that as the Galaxy S21 FE 4G would be critical, although there is of course another factor that counts.

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This Samsung Galaxy S21 FE 5G is the right choice:

What would the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE 4G cost?

The Samsung Galaxy S21 FE 4G would cut a better figure compared to the Galaxy A53 5G, at least in terms of the camera. It can also be charged wirelessly. But the price listed in the shop of just under 800 euros would simply be unrealistic. The much better Galaxy S21 FE 5G now costs less than 500 euros. Samsung would have to So offer the 4G version of the Galaxy S21 FE for less than 400 euros – which is unlikely to happen.

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In the end, you just have to be careful which version of the Galaxy S21 FE you buy in the future. As with the Galaxy S20 FE, the 5G modem will be the much better choice. So pay attention when the new S21 version is launched.