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KB5014699 update it has recently become available to Windows 10 users. It is a cumulative update that does not bring with it major changes and upgrades, but allows for a number of fixes that address various types of issues and errors. At the same time, it came out update KB5014697 for Windows 11 which brings similar changes, but also some add-ons for the new operating system.

Direct links to download updates for Windows 10 are available inside Microsoft Update Cataloga which is a public collection of all previous Windows updates. Update KB5014699 is available at the following link, and you can download it by clicking on “Download“A button next to the version of Windows you normally use on your computer.

KB5014699 is a security cumulative update and is part of the so-called June 2022 Patch Tuesday cycle. Since Windows 10 is no longer a priority operating system for Microsoft, similar release announcements do not have any major changes.

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Therefore, the value of this update should not be underestimated, as it brings numerous fixes. One of the most important is to fix the annoying bug that caused problems with running various applications like Outlook or Excel. Because of this, Windows 10 could not open some applications at all, so some users were forced to pause operating system updates to avoid problems. The bug only affected those users who had the latest Windows updates, and this is directly related to update KB5013943. With the new update, these issues should be removed.

Here are some of the other fixes that KB5014699 updates for Windows 10:

  • The problem with the window frame has been solved when the so-called Internet Explorer mode
  • Fixed issue with updating internet shortcuts
  • Fixed an error in the operation of the Input Method Editor when entering a character that would be canceled if the previous text was being converted at that time
  • Fixed problem with slowing down copying files
  • Resolved an issue with some processors that caused applications to close unexpectedly or negatively affected the performance of some applications that use Direct 3D9.
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KB5014697 update for Windows 11 brings similar security changes as KB5014699 update.

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One of the specific changes it brings to Windows 11 is a new feature called Windows Spotlight for Desktop. It has a similar function as Windows Spotlightand it is actually a feature that shows different images in the background and offers various options when the screen on the computer is locked. Windows Spotlight for Desktop will, as the name suggests, have the same function on your computer desktop.

To select the Windows Spotlight function, open “Settings“Application, selectPersonalization“And in the menu on the left click onBackground“. Click on “Personalize your backgroundOption and selectWindows Spotlight“.

Some more of the changes that come with the KB504697 update for Windows 11 are the following:

  • Fixed a bug that could not maintain the set brightness level after changing the screen type
  • Fixed an issue that made copying files slower
  • Fixed bug rendering default widget icon on taskbar set centrally
  • An error occurred while typing in the Windows Search bar when you selected the Start menu and began typing.
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You can download update KB5044697 at the following link within the Microsoft Update Catalog.

The only exception is that the update for Windows 11 brings some difficulties with Wi-Fi connectivity. This is not specifically about the difficulty of working with a Wi-Fi connection, but about the possibility called Wi-Fi hotspot which is known to all. It allows the Internet connection that is already established on your computer to be transferred to other devices nearby and to give your computer the role of a Wi-Fi router to which it can connect. This feature may be more commonly used on smartphones, but it is also available for computers.

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After performing the KB5014697 update, users noticed that the Wi-Fi hotspot feature turns itself off and cannot be used, and subsequently your computer may lose its Internet connection the moment another device starts using it. The current solution to the problem is to disable the Wi-Fi hotspot feature.

KB5014699 update for Windows 10 and KB5014697 update for Windows 11 in the future will be automatically updated on your computer, but if you want to have them before then you can do the download and installation yourself via Microsoft Update Cataloga.

Both updates bring significant security changes and address a number of minor bugs and issues that users have noticed that have made it difficult to work in certain segments of the operating system.

What is eagerly awaited is the big 22H2 update that should come to us during the fall of this year, and it will most likely be in October. The 22H2 update has been described as the biggest so far for Windows 11 and we can’t wait to see what big changes it will bring with it. We believe that some of these changes will be reflected in Windows 10 and that their users will also get some new features that will be more modest for this operating system as time goes on and we approach 2025 as long as Microsoft support lasts.

Writes: Ervin Mičetić

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