Nintendo pulls the plug: With a change in its online service, the Japanese video game giant is posing a problem for iPhone users. If you do not have a current device, you will soon no longer be able to use the full range of functions of Switch Online.


Despite recent advances, Nintendo still has a long way to go to keep up with online offerings from Sony and Microsoft. The best example of the cult manufacturer’s backlog is the Nintendo Switch online app. Switch players can only use voice chat with her, for example, and talk to each other while gambling. All the more annoying that Nintendo is now increasing the minimum requirements for the iPhone version.

Nintendo Switch Online: iPhone app will soon require iOS 14

In the future the Nintendo Switch Online app requires at least iOS 14 (Source: Nintendo). So far, iOS 13 was considered the entry limit. the Regulation should apply from summer, it says on the part of the Japanese. However, it is not yet known when exactly Nintendo is planning the changeover.

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The Nintendo Switch Online app will no longer work on iPhones running iOS 13 or earlier. In order to Nintendo is kicking out owners of older iPhones. Anyone who owns an iPhone is older than the iPhone 6s from 2015will look into the tube in the future and will have to do without the functions of the app.

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This is how affected iPhone users can help themselves

Those affected have only two options: One Buy a new iPhone or be forced to forego the Nintendo Switch online app. The latest and cheapest entry into the iPhone world is the iPhone SE 3, which is available from MediaMarkt for 519 euros, for example (see MediaMarkt). But I would recommend the iPhone 11, which in my opinion offers better value for money and is currently also available for 519 euros (see MediaMarkt).

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If you don’t want to upgrade but still want to have voice chat, you can set up a Discord server, for example.