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The European Parliament voted in favor of stopping the sale of new thermal vehicles from 2035 within the European Union. An amendment, known as “Ferrari”, has been tabled in order to make the situation less complicated for luxury manufacturers. But Ferrari is not concerned.

Ferrari SF90 Stradale
Ferrari SF90 Stradale // Source: Ferrari

You have probably understood that vehicles that are not zero emissions during their driving phase are not popular. Between the Low Emission Zones which are multiplying and the announcements of manufacturers who claim to stop thermal vehicles within a few years, everything is going in this direction. This Wednesday, June 8, 2022, the European Parliament finally voted in favor of banning the sale of new vehicles with diesel or gasoline engines from 2035.

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If manufacturers will apparently have no choice but tostop selling thermal and hybrid vehicles by January 1, 2035an amendment called “Ferrari” by the press opens the door to a few notable exceptions.

A reduction in CO2 that does not please everyone

We were already talking about it last month and it is now official: petrol, hybrid and diesel engines will no longer be allowed on new vehicles from 2035 in Europe. The text also aims to reduce CO2 emissions by 55% by 2030, thanks to specific objectives according to the brands. Manufacturers selling less than 10,000 vehicles per year can request exemptions from their targets until 2030. And it is precisely this last rule that the Italian lobby wants to challenge.

Exemptions for luxury cars

The amendment, known as “Ferrari”, supported mainly by Italian MEPs, in fact wants manufacturers selling less than 10,000 vehicles per year may deviate from their CO2 reduction targets until January 1, 2036 and not until 2030 as the rule requires in the state.

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An amendment which, if accepted, would allow manufacturers such as Lamborghini, Maserati or Aston Martin (which respectively sold 8,405, 4,239 and 2,007 vehicles in 2021) not having to gradually reduce their CO2 emissions at the same level as that of traditional manufacturers before January 1, 2036.

Still gasoline cars after 2035

Regarding the smaller builders who sell less than 1,000 cars per yearsuch as Bugatti (150 units sold in 2021) or Koenigsegg (around thirty cars sold per year), the rule adopted by the European Parliament is clear since they will be able to continue to sell internal combustion vehicles even after 2035. Note that this rule no is not related to the amendment proposed by MEPs.

The Lamborghini amendment and not Ferrari

But why is everyone quoting Ferrari? In the facts, this amendment would absolutely not concern Ferrari. Indeed, the Italian manufacturer sold 11,155 vehicles in 2021. The bar of 10,000 vehicles sold was crossed in 2019 but “only” 9,119 Ferraris were sold in 2020. Surely an effect of COVID. Anyway, it is clear that Ferrari will sell more than 10,000 cars per year in the future.

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So let’s call this amendment the “Lamborghini” instead. If the amendment is not accepted, the Italian manufacturer will therefore have every interest in accelerating the development of its first electric model which is not expected before 2025 if it wants to avoid exceeding its CO2 target as it has already done in 2019. Ferrari, for its part, has in its boxes a 100% electric car planned for 2025.

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