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Despite very high compatibility of French banks with mobile payment services, applications such as Apple Pay, Google Pay and Paylib remain at a low level of use in France.

In a study on the habits of French men and women in terms of payments, the comparator Panorabanques and the poll&roll institute reveal several figures on our habits and their evolution since the start of the covid crisis.

We learn, for example, that contactless payment is now used by 86% of French people in 2022, compared to 79% last year (there had already been a big boost with the Covid and the increase in the ceiling to 50 euros). If, unsurprisingly, we find that 98% of French people have a bank card, we can be more disappointed from a technological point of view. More French people pay with checks than with their smartphones.

Mobile payment up very slightly

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Last year, 17% of French people surveyed said they used mobile payment (we don’t know the methodology, but the question is certainly whether they have used it in recent months). In 2022, of the 1,000 people surveyed, 19% (+2%) of them say they use mobile payment. A very small progression for an underdeveloped sector, which is quite difficult compared to classic contactless payment, which is already well established.

Even sadder for mobile payment, checks remain in front. 24% of French people would sign one every month, even if most French people only do six a year.

Why does mobile payment suck?

In our Parisian bubble, we could not imagine for a second that mobile payment is so underdeveloped. Accepted everywhere the contactless card goes, payment by smartphone is very developed in the big cities. The reality is not at all true on a national scale, even if most French people have a compatible smartphone.

contactless payment
Contactless payment by credit card. // Source: ING Netherlands
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How to explain that? There are probably several reasons. For example, we would be curious to know the same statistics, but only with iPhone owners, a device where Apple pushes Apple Pay by default, with the compatibility of almost all French banks. On Android, it’s a little more laborious. Google Pay and Samsung Pay only support very few banks, you often have to install your bank’s application yourself. We imagine that this intermediate step can be discouraging. The European Union is also wondering about the subject, but in the other direction. She would like Apple to break its monopoly.

How to evolve mobile payment? Available for almost 10 years, this solution is still struggling to convince. Some are afraid of it, others don’t know how to do it while people don’t see the point of it. The fact that it does not exceed 20% in France shows that there is still a long way to go, and that part of the population will probably never get there.

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