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Although batteries are ubiquitous, the good old battery still holds up. Whether it is to pollute less or save money, the rechargeable battery is a better choice. We have therefore chosen the best rechargeable battery chargers for you.

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The vast majority of our devices have transitioned to built-in batteries, but batteries haven’t quite disappeared from our daily lives just yet. They are still found in multiple devices, such as Xbox controllers, connected scales, or even the remote controls for our televisions. And that’s without even mentioning the toys of the youngest.

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In addition to being quite expensive, conventional batteries are also polluting. It is therefore much more interesting to use rechargeable models both for the health of our wallet and the planet. We have therefore chosen the best chargers and rechargeable batteries for you. And if you are looking for a good USB charger do not hesitate to look at our dedicated guide.

Panasonic Eneloop BQ-CC55: the reliable and efficient battery charger

We find cheaper on the market, but as when we talk about charging, it is better to put a little more money on the table to avoid a battery that explodes in the middle of the living room. Signed Panasonic, this model can recharge 4 AA or AAA batteries at the same time.

Panasonic Eneloop BQ-CC55

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The charge of the latter is managed independently and therefore stops when it is full. It is also very fast thanks to an output power of 550 mAh, where the competition is generally under 200 mAh. In practice, this translates into a charge twice as fast. About an hour and a half for an AA battery (decreasing if you charge several batteries at the same time).

Ideally, however, we advise you to always have a pair charged in advance, especially if it is to play with a controller. Colored LEDs complete the picture to see at a glance if the battery is charged or defective. If we appreciate its small size, the fact that it plugs directly into the outlet can block the adjacent one.

EBL Battery charger: charge anything lying around

Need to charge a lot of batteries at the same time? This EBL charger is able to accommodate no less than 8 AA or AAA batteries at the same time. This logically makes it more cumbersome than the Panasonic model mentioned above, but in return it also offers two USB ports.

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EBL 8 charger

Add to that a long detachable power cable that makes it easy to hide in a TV cabinet and you’ve got a good device to charge or power all the devices and controllers in your living room. With 180 mAh per battery, the charge is however quite slow. A simple and affordable charger that yours truly has been using at home for several years.

EBL USB battery charger: the battery charger using USB

Are you part of the USB team and prefer not to block an electrical outlet? This charger signed EBL may interest you. It is indeed equipped with two connectors (USB-C and micro-USB) which will have to be powered with a 5V/2 A charger. At the output, we are entitled to 500 mAh for an AA battery. This therefore makes it a rather swift model, even if the Panasonic Eneloop retains the lead on this point.

EBL USB Charger

It accepts 4 AA or AAA batteries and a small LCD screen completes the picture to know where we are in the load. Small appreciable bonus: it comes with a pair of AA batteries and a pair of AAA batteries!

iSDT N8: a full-featured charger

While battery chargers are generally quite simple to use, a few models offer more advanced features if you need to charge a lot of batteries and keep an eye on their health. The iSDT N8 already offers you 8 AA or AAA compatible slots. To power the product, you will need to go through the USB-C port present. To achieve maximum charging speed, you will need a quality Power Delivery charger and USB-C cable capable of delivering 18W (12V at 1.5A).

iSDT battery charger

A plus of the charging slot, the charger has an LCD touch screen on which the charging performance and the status of each battery are displayed. You can also manually select the battery type if they are not detected automatically. Note that it is also possible to update the firmware of the device, we also recommend that you do so upon receipt.

A charger for the most demanding therefore, but which will cost all the more expensive as the power supply is not provided.

Amazon Basics rechargeable batteries: simple and efficient.

Chargers are good, but you still need good rechargeable batteries to go with them. And in this little game, it’s no big surprise Amazon Basics comes out on top. They are reliable, hold the charge well (1000 cycles) and the advertised capacity is held.

Amazon Basics Rechargeable Batteries

Without being the most efficient on the market, they are by far the best value for money. We advise you to buy a few more batteries than you have devices. So you’ll always have a spare pair rather than having to wait to recharge them.

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Learn more about rechargeable battery chargers

What are the sizes of rechargeable batteries?

There are more than a dozen battery formats on the market (not counting the countless button batteries…). Most of them have rechargeable equivalents. In practice nowadays, the most used are AA (LR6) and AAA (LR03) batteries.

How many times can a rechargeable battery be charged?

Like any battery, a rechargeable battery wears out and will hold a certain number of charges before losing capacity or no longer functioning. This number of cycles depends on the quality of the accumulators that you buy, but it is generally high enough that the question does not arise for a long time.

Thus, the Amazon Basics batteries that we recommend above are certified for 2000 cycles. Suffice to say that it will be enough for a few games of Halo…

Do the rechargeable batteries discharge?

Like any battery, rechargeable batteries discharge slowly. For a lithium ion battery, count a loss of about 30% after three months. This is not very annoying for a controller, but you will have to keep in mind to recharge your batteries regularly if you plan to use them for an emergency (in a flashlight for example).

What are the rechargeable battery technologies?

Several rechargeable battery technologies exist. Historically, these were nickel-based. There are thus Ni-Cd accumulators (nickel-cadmium), Ni-MH (nickel metal hydride) or even Ni-Zn (nickel-zinc).

As on our gadgets where lithium batteries dominate, we don’t have to worry about a possible memory effect that affected the first generations of rechargeable batteries.

How good are USB rechargeable batteries?

In recent years, batteries have been found that can be charged directly from a micro-USB connector. However, we do not recommend them. They offer less capacity, are more expensive and also more fragile.

If you really need to be able to charge batteries via a USB connector, take a charger compatible with this standard instead.

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