Xiaomi offers countless Android smartphones. A new Poco model will soon be added, which should have particularly good equipment at a particularly low price. Compared to the predecessor, however, not everything will improve.


Poco F4: Xiaomi does not install a new processor

Before a new smartphone is presented, Xiaomi usually reveals the first details. This is also the case with the Poco F4 5G, which will be presented shortly. The new high-end Android smartphone will rely on the Snapdragon 870 for the processor. Xiaomi already uses this processor in the Poco F3, which is now much cheaper (see Amazon). So you shouldn’t expect more performance from the smartphone, although Xiaomi says that the cooling has been optimized. A high performance could therefore be called up over a longer period of time.

At XiaomiUI, however, more details about the Poco F4 5G have been leaked. A presentation appeared there that revealed, for example, that the smartphone is equipped with up to 12 GB of RAM and 256 GB of internal memory. It should also be a new Super AMOLED display that supports a brightness of up to 1,300 nits. That would be on par with a Samsung Galaxy S22. Of course, 120 Hz is also supported, but that was also the case with the predecessor. A 64 MP sensor is said to be used as the main camera, which is optically image stabilized, and a 4,500 mAh battery is installed, which can be quickly recharged with 67 watts.

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This is what Xiaomi’s current Poco model looks like:

Xiaomi Poco F3: a look inside

Xiaomi Poco F4 as an alternative to the Samsung Galaxy A53

If the technical data of the Poco F4 is confirmed in this way, Xiaomi would have a good alternative to the Samsung Galaxy A53 (for testing) up its sleeve. The predecessor came onto the market for 349 euros. If the price doesn’t change, it would be a pretty good phone for the price. It just lacks the waterproof features that Samsung’s model has to offer.

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