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Once again, RED by SFR and Bouygues Télécom are fighting with the same weapons on the side of mobile plans. These operators currently offer the same offers, but small differences tip the scales on one side.

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It has become a chestnut tree in the world of non-binding mobile plans, RED and Bouygues Télécom regularly fight to offer the best offers even if they are the same! It is therefore always interesting to compare them on various criteria to find out which one is best able to meet your expectations. So who is most successful in changing their offerings over time? Answer in this versus!

Les offres RED by SFR et B&You

RED vs. B&You: network quality

RED is dependent on the network of the incumbent operator SFR: 99% of the territory is covered for communications and 94% in the 4G network. The network is mainly present in urban areas, but efforts have been made to ensure that rural areas are also properly served by the 4G network.

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On average, Arcep measured in France a 4G download speed of 69 Mb/s (102 Mb/s in high-density areas and 41 Mb/s in rural areas). It is necessarily less than Orange, which has the best network from this point of view, but it is a little more than at Bouygues.

5G can be activated on the two 80 and 160 GB packages with 5 euros more per month. For the moment, the flow measurements are still too imprecise to form an opinion, but there is no doubt that this is a strong argument for anyone wishing to switch to the next generation network at a lower cost.

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By using the Bouygues Telecom network. B&You also ensures coverage of more than 99% of the territory in communication and 94% in 4G as shown by the interactive map of Arcep.

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Still according to this data, B&You provides an average download speed in France of 55 Mb/s. It is not at the level of the Orange network which goes up to almost 110 Mb / s on average, but it is still more than enough to play streaming videos with a level of quality in HD. On the communication side (Call, SMS, MMS), there is near equality in terms of quality and reliability compared to RED, this is not a point to highlight in this versus.

In the end it is the average speed that will prevail in this round and it is RED who wins by a short head.

Winner: RED

RED vs B&You: the quantity of 4G in Europe and DOM

RED by SFR has the particularity of offering additional 4G envelopes that can be used abroad. These are therefore added to the basic package and are not deducted. For the 80 GB package, you are entitled to 12 GB and for the 160 GB package, 15 GB are provided for these destinations.

Note that for both packages, an option to go up to 20 GB is available at 5 euros more per month and adds the USA and Canada in the compatible destinations.

B&You, for its part, remains more classic with 12 GB usable on the 80 GB package in Europe and overseas departments and up to 20 GB for the 160 GB package. The big difference is mainly in the fact that B&You counts the data usable at abroad of the basic package, it is not an additional envelope offered.

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In fact, RED is more flexible than its competitor in this round. It is therefore the preferred operator if you plan to travel abroad.

Winner: RED

RED vs B&You: les options

Unlike SFR, RED does not offer services allowing access to TV from your mobile, even via an additional option per month. This being reserved for SFR customers. There are only the paid 5G activation options as well as the activation of the US and Canada zones.

For its part, B&You offers the optional and non-binding package comprising more than 70 channels. This is an option billed 6 euros more per month with a first month offered via its new mobile plans. B&You also offers other more varied options such as its Pleio Gaming cloud service for 9.99 euros/month. Another very practical option called Onoff allows you to assign a second number to your package without having to use another SIM card.

options B&you

With a greater number of options and above all without commitment, it is B&You who wins this round.

Winner: B&You

Should you choose RED or B&You?

From our point of view, RED is currently offering the best offer. Above all, it counts with a small advance on the quality of the network and a better offer if you plan to travel abroad with your mobile plan.

RED and B&You offers are available until June 12, 2022.

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