Modern smartphones are waterproof. What used to be considered a special feature for very few high-end smartphones has now become standard in the upper class. Samsung even equips its mid-range smartphones with it. However, Samsung used to advertise this property incorrectly and now has to pay the bill after a judge’s decision.

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Samsung has to pay a fine of more than 9 million euros

When the first Samsung smartphones with waterproof properties came onto the market years ago, the South Korean company really banged the drum for it. Spots were shown in which you can use the Samsung mobile phone with IP certification in the sea or pool. That was exactly wrong, as the Australian court ruled. There Samsung needs for pay a fine of AUD 14 million for misleading advertisingwhich is the equivalent of just over 9 million euros (source: ACCC).

Many owners of Samsung smartphones believed the advertising and jumped into the pool with their cell phone or took it into the sea, where it was damaged. the IP certification of each smartphone is granted only on the basis of fresh water without chemical additives. So you can expose your smartphone to drinking water and a rain shower will not harm the device. But everything else is not allowed. Of course you should know this and pay attention to it on vacation, on the beach or at the lake. You shouldn’t simply dip your smartphone into water so light-heartedly.

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Even Samsung’s folding phones are waterproof:

case was years ago

Samsung no longer advertises waterproof smartphones that make false promises. That was only the case many years ago with older models like the Galaxy S7. However, you should know the details of water resistance so that you do not end up with water damage later and the manufacturer refuses to repair you because you jumped into the pool with your cell phone or took it into the salty sea water. You should rather take a GoPro (look at Amazon).

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