Samsung smartphones get Android updates very frequently. New Galaxy tablets from Samsung too. Only with the older models does it not always look so good. So it’s all the more gratifying that Samsung is once again supplying an older Android tablet that sold very well at the time and is certainly still in use in many households.

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Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 gets June update

There is a five-year update guarantee for new Samsung tablets such as the Galaxy Tab S8. This gives you four new Android versions and five years of security updates. Nothing like this used to exist, so it’s always nice to see Samsung release a software update for an older Android tablet. Coincidentally, this time it has Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 from 2019 takenthat I own. The latest June update for this model will be distributed immediately (source: SamMobile).

With the June 2022 software update fixes Samsung over 60 security holes and improves privacy. So you should definitely install the update on your Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1. It will initially be distributed in Argentina and Brazil, but is also expected in Germany in the coming days. Samsung usually releases a new update in a few countries to see if there are any problems. After that, the rollout will be expanded.

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The Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 is the new high-end tablet:

Other Samsung tablets will follow

The Galaxy Tab A 10.1 is being supplied now, but other models will follow. The Galaxy Tab S8 models anyway, the Galaxy Tab S7 as well, and mid-range devices like the Galaxy Tab S7 FE won’t have to wait much longer either. The older Samsung tablets are getting longer and longer between security updates, but they’re still getting new software. In this way, the devices remain up-to-date and can be used for a long time without hesitation. Tablets in particular are generally not replaced as often as smartphones and a good update policy is a great advantage.

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