Of course, manufacturers want to prevent advertising products from the competition at all costs. A Samsung designer probably didn’t know that and placed an iPhone in Samsung’s promotional material. Samsung has already apologized for the mistake.

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Samsung accidentally advertises iPhone

Samsung and Apple are the fiercest competitors in the smartphone sector. Although Samsung has the higher market share worldwide, Apple is hot on the heels of the South Korean company. Both companies believe their own products are superior – and those of the competition should be definitely not to be advertised.

As it turns out, a designer from Samsung has a soft spot for iPhones. There is no other way to explain why Samsung’s promotional material shows a cell phone that is so much more what an iPhone looks like as a Galaxy phone. A corresponding banner was briefly visible in Samsung’s Members app in South Korea. Samsung themes should actually be advertised here.

A Galaxy phone looks different. (Image source: Samsung Community)
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Resourceful users of the app naturally noticed the error immediately. In the official Samsung forum it is now speculated that some employees privately prefers to use an iPhone. The iPhone shown could be an iPhone X, XS or 11 Pro, another user suspects (source: Samsung Community).

Everything about the Samsung Galaxy S22 in the video:

Samsung apologizes for iPhone faux pas

Samsung reacted quickly and exchanged the banner. Now there’s a phone that looks a lot less like an iPhone and more like a Samsung Galaxy S22. The Group apologizes for the error and promises to provide “better service” in the future.

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In the past, Samsung had already attracted attention by praising smartphones from the competition. For example, an Oppo Find N labeled “amazing” on Twitter. Tweets from some Samsung accounts sent from iPhones have also often caused amusement.