In the recent past, Samsung has improved its top smartphones in every nook and cranny – at least almost. In one important area of ​​all things, there has been no significant progress for 3 generations. With the Galaxy S23, that is about to change.

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If you put around 1,000 euros on the table for a new smartphone, you rightly expect top-class technology and, above all, noticeable improvements compared to the successor. For the most part, Samsung was able to meet this requirement with its flagships of the Galaxy S series, with one important exception: the selfie camera. That Galaxy S23 should now bring the long-awaited upgrade.

Samsung Galaxy S23 should get a higher resolution front camera

The resolution of the front camera should be one make a decent jump from now 10 MP to then 12 MP, it says (source: GalaxyClub). It would be the first time since the Galaxy S9 from 2019 that Samsung has increased the resolution at this point.

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The exception here are the Ultra models of the respective S series, which have had a higher-resolution selfie snap for a long time. The Standard and Plus versions of the Galaxy S series, on the other hand, have not exceeded the 10 MP limit for several years.

Even more: Since the Galaxy S20 from 2020 also uses Samsung for the front camera always the same image sensor. An upgrade is more than overdue at this point.

Samsung has a finger in the pie almost everywhere:

Punch-hole camera or under-display camera?

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However, it is still unclear whether the Selfie camera in the Galaxy S23 is housed in a punch hole (camera hole) or Samsung uses an under-display solution, as used by the industry leader on the Galaxy Z Fold 3. We tend towards the first because the technology still has a few teething problems and has not yet reached the image quality of regular front cameras.

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Owners of the Galaxy Z Fold 3 can also use the main camera if they don’t like the results, after all it’s a folding cell phone. However, future buyers of the Galaxy S23 would not have this emergency solution.