The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 has enjoyed great popularity since its launch in August 2021. But she has already seen a sharp drop in price. Shortly before the launch of the Galaxy Watch 5, prices continue to tumble.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 in price drop

If you haven’t bought a Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 yet, you can currently get a really good deal at MediaMarkt. There, the smartwatch is sold in various versions at rock-bottom prices. For example, you get the Galaxy Watch 4 (40 mm) for only 125.21 euros (look at MediaMarkt). If you want the 44 mm model, you don’t have to pay much more. Then it’s only 142.02 euros (view at MediaMarkt).

To the offer at MediaMarkt

If you prefer to have the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic, it will cost you smaller 42 mm model only 163.87 euros (look at MediaMarkt). The version in 46 mm costs little more at 172.27 euros (check out MediaMarkt).

To the offer at MediaMarkt
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No matter which Smartwatch you choose, there are no shipping costs.

What makes the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 so special?

Samsung has completely redesigned the Galaxy Watch 4 and Galaxy Watch 4 Classic and switched the operating system from Tizen to Wear OS 3.0. We worked closely with Google to do this. Samsung also has developed a new processor, which should ensure high performance and runtime, as well as a new sensor that analyzes body composition. The design of the clocks has been optimized and you now have two models to choose from.

The biggest advantage of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 and Galaxy Watch 4 Classic is the app selection. you have now Access to all Google apps and services. With the switch from Samsung to this operating system, many developers are stepping on the gas again. For example, Spotify released the offline feature. So there is still a lot to come. In the test, the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic was partially convincing. With the Galaxy Watch 5, the successor is coming soon.

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