Samsung is actually used to the fact that the entry-level and mid-range smartphones in particular sell very well. Since the Galaxy A50, each generation has been a huge success and every year since, Samsung has made phones better. This year, however, the mood has changed – and that in the largest smartphone market in the world.

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Samsung’s A-class is selling poorly

In both the Galaxy A53 and Galaxy A33 reviews, I praised the further development of Samsung’s mid-range cell phones. The biggest problem was the far too high price, made even more apparent by the omission of the 4G versions. Yesterday we reported that Samsung is sitting on 50 million unsold Galaxy smartphones worldwide. A large part of them are middle-class A-class cellphones, which were otherwise actually always best sellers and which Samsung caught so cold. China is the largest smartphone market in the world and especially there it should go badly:

Industry insider “Ice Universe” reveals that the Sales figures for A-class mobile phones in China are almost zero. According to him, the price-performance ratio is not competitive. People are getting smarter and taking a closer look. Compared to other smartphones, especially those from China, Samsung’s Galaxy A phones perform poorly. Since money hasn’t been so loose since this year, buyers are thinking very carefully about which smartphone they are buying.

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What the Samsung Galaxy A33 and A53 can really do:

Samsung Galaxy A53 5G and A33 5G: Highlight presented

Samsung smartphone prices will fall

Since Samsung is currently sitting on a lot of unsold goods, this will most likely lead to new promotions and price reductions. The Galaxy A smartphones but also other models are likely to become noticeably cheaper in the coming weeks and months and at some point reach a price range where the purchase is worthwhile after all. Samsung cannot simply stop production overnight. The company can’t wait too long either, because the successors are already coming in the foreseeable future. We will keep an eye on the market and inform you about exciting offers.

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