Who needs a microSD card anymore? In the Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Galaxy Z Flip 4, Samsung is said to offer new storage variants that go up to 1 TB. The South Koreans’ new folding cell phones would become real storage monsters. However, a look at other Samsung smartphones shows that buyers have to dig deep into their pockets for this.

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Samsung has been phasing out the microSD slot bit by bit for years. First, the memory expansion in the upper class was omitted. At least with the Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Galaxy Z Flip 4, however, Samsung will offer storage options that make the missing microSD slot less painful.

Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Galaxy Z Flip 4: Samsung doubles the maximum available storage

According to media reports, both folding cell phones have one Doubling the maximum available internal memory. That means specifically: When Galaxy Z Fold 4 buyers will have the option of using models 1TB storage to buy. So far, 512 GB was the limit. The cheapest entry-level variant is said to have 256 GB of internal memory (source: SamMobile).

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A look at the Galaxy S22 Ultra makes it clear how expensive the maximum storage capacity of the Galaxy Z Fold 4 could be. Samsung charges 100 euros for each double memory. Assuming the South Koreans don’t price cut the Galaxy Z Fold 4, it could A folding cell phone with 1 TB of storage costs just under 2,000 euros.

Also at Galaxy Z Flip 4 should Samsung turn the memory screw. When flipping but at 512 GB the end of the road be reached, so far the limit was 256 GB (source: SamMobile). As usual, the cheapest entry-level variant should have 128 GB of internal memory.

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Do you know this Samsung trick?

Foldable cell phones are expected in late summer

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Samsung’s two folding cell phones are expected to be presented in late summer, probably in August. While little is known about the Flip 4 so far, the rumor mill about the Fold 4 is almost boiling over. Among other things, this should get a new screen format and a real flagship camera.