With the WOW, the pay-TV broadcaster Sky has its own streaming offer. The service is available in Series, Movies & Series, and Live Sports options. Is it possible to view WOW content offline and, for example, follow series from the range while on the train?

Current WOW offers at a glance

WOW used to be called “Sky Ticket”. Large streaming providers such as Netflix or Amazon Prime offer their own offline mode. Series and films can be downloaded here in advance onto a smartphone or tablet in order to view the content afterwards even without an active internet connection. WOW also lets you download content to watch later without an internet connection.

WOW (formerly Sky Ticket): This is how the offline mode works

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With the feature, content can be downloaded temporarily, for example to be able to access the videos without an internet connection on vacation, during a trip or in the park. But this only works in the WOW app on Android and iOS. Videos cannot be saved on the laptop. In order to be able to view WOW content offline, the corresponding films and series must be downloaded to a WLAN in advance.

  • You can easily download the content from the respective overview page. Tap on the download symbol there.
  • If you select several pieces of content for download at the same time, they will be saved one after the other on the device. You can save as much content as you want or as much as the storage space of the iPhone, iPad, tablet or smartphone allows.
  • Note, however, that each content only maximum 2 times can be saved for offline playback.
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Where can I find offline content on WOW?

  • Saved videos can be found in the “my content„.
  • Here you have toBookmarks‘ to be able to ‘continue viewing’.
  • After starting playback you have 48 hours Time until the content is deleted again.
  • Saved films and series are Automatically removed after 30 days of no playback.
  • If the license for the corresponding title falls out of the Sky ticket program, the download will also be deleted.
  • If you log out of the app, all downloads automatically deleted.

The offline function is available for content in the film as well as in the series package. However, some films and series may be excluded from the download function for licensing reasons. Sports broadcasts cannot be saved for legal reasons. A video can be kept offline on a maximum of two different devices at the same time.

Reception problems? How to reach the Sky hotline (video):

Use WOW offline: The alternative via Sky Go and Sky Q

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Customers with Sky Go access can also save content and then watch it without an internet connection:

  • In order to be able to use the download function via Sky Go, you need a subscription with a “Sky Q” hard disk receiver.
  • Existing customers who do not own this receiver must upgrade their subscription. However, changing the subscription may result in a new term and higher costs.
  • Individual films and series can be downloaded via the corresponding overview page for the respective content using the “Download” button.

Do you need the download function for streaming services? Do you often watch series episodes or films on your tablet or smartphone on the go? Post it in our comments!

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