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Spanoptic S02 E5: HR in the jaws of IT

HR in the jaws of IT? It may sound a bit dramatic, but the truth is that human resources departments in IT face unique challenges and unprecedented situations. This industry is experiencing one boom after another, the demand for quality professionals is greater than ever – and certainly regularly exceeds supply – so it is difficult to attract, hire and keep the right people for the right position.

Span HR forces, Antonija Kapović i Ana Viskovic they are here to shed light on the ways in which they deal with the turbulent search and recruitment processes of future Spaniards, and BUG’s Dragan Petric offers its unique insights into HR and tech trends that come with a quarter of a century of experience navigating the technological landscape.

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As Dragan noticed at the beginning of Spanoptica, until a few years ago the developer came to the job interview with awe for the employer and the hope that he would show himself in the best possible light and be consistently engaged and employed in that company. But the situation is reversed today. The employer hopes that the developer will contact him and come for a job interview and that he will do well in the interview while the developer interviews him and he hopes that the developer will accept his offer to come and work. Roles have changed, and this is one of the most important aspects of radical changes in the labor market.

But certainly not the only one, and in 45 minutes of the new episode of Spanoptica you will be able to go through numerous insights into the past, present and above all the future of the IT workforce with Dragan, Antonija and Ana!

Employer branding, yes, no and, if so – how? How much do developers earn and should the salary be announced in the first place within the job ad itself? What will happen when salaries in euros come to Croatia?

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And in the end, you will even find out what our guests think about “inhuman” resources, or what would happen in theory if the developer and developer workforce were one day extremely outsourceana, that is, arrived even outside our planet. Concept inhuman resourcesAnd? Only in the new Spanoptic!

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