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Problems with back pain and thinking about getting a standing desk? Wondering what are the benefits of a standing desk? Why are desktops becoming increasingly popular among computer-working employees and among gamers?

Standing tables they have been available on the market for many years, but it seems that their time is only now coming. More and more employees and gamers are opting to purchase a standing desk for a computer. The offer of such tables is growing, and in recent years, desks that can be adapted for standing and sitting work have become increasingly popular.

Working in a standing position requires some time to adjust, however after some time the results of working in a standing position are visible. The posture of employees at the standing table is corrected, and the pain in the bones and muscles becomes less and less pronounced. But there are many more benefits to standing tables. Here are the most important benefits of standing tables:

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adjustable table for standing and sitting - desk for office and gamers - standing at work

Standing tables correct posture

Man was created as a being who needs to move as much as possible. And while 100 or more years ago most people worked over 15,000 steps every day, today, unfortunately, few cross that numerical limit. As the decades go by, so do we increasingly prone to a sedentary lifestyle – which is not good for our health at all. Many people spend more than 8 hours every day at work sitting at a computer, mostly in the wrong position.

Standing tables are a great choice for the reason that they correct posture. If set up properly, standing tables will help you improve your posture over time. Your head should be about 50 inches away from the monitorthe monitor should be at eye level and your hands should be below 100 degrees to the table (keyboard).

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Proper standing at a standing table has a positive effect on muscle activation, thus correcting posture over time. Of course, this is a slow process whose results you will see in a few months – but with regular use of a standing table you will achieve a nicer and more correct posture.

standing table - desk for office and gamers - standing at work

The pain in the back and spine is reduced and disappears

Sitting is one of the activities that harms our health the most and leads to various pains and problems. If you sit at the computer a lot every day, sooner or later you will experience back and spine pain – which will often move to other parts

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hunting bodies. Namely, as you try to put less strain on one part of the body (eg the lower back), the other part of the body suffers more and pain occurs.

Research shows that as many as 8 out of 10 people experience a period of back pain during their lifetime, and the main cause of this is improper posture. By introducing a standing table into your working life you will bring your body into a state of proper posture. Proper posture will relieve certain parts of the body (eg lower back, buttocks, hips) and the pain in these parts of the body will gradually decrease.

Regular use of a standing table should lead to a complete recovery from back pain – which will definitely cheer you up. It is important to emphasize the correct position at the standing table, when body weight properly distributed on both legs – leads to complete relaxation of all parts of the body. Therefore, standing at a standing table can save you from various pains, health problems, but also a visit to the doctor.

quality table for standing and sitting - desk for office and gamers - standing at work

Standing at a standing table increases productivity

Standing tables have been on the market for more than 10 years, but their wider application has begun in recent years – when people have become aware of the benefits that standing tables bring. Modern offices today are usually equipped with adjustable desks which allow you to combine standing and sitting modes. This way you can combine proper posture while standing and foot rest while sitting. Of course, as you stand at the table more and more, the fatigue of your legs will disappear with the months.

Given the growing interest of people in standing tables, much research has been conducted on this type of table. Many studies lean towards how they are Standing tables are actually a much better option than seating tables. One study that included as many as 53 different studies indicates how people feel better when they work at standing tables. In particular, standing raises mood levels which affects productivity at work.

Research has also shown that employees who have also worked briefly at standing tables show additional motivation and productivity. As many as 66 percent of employees believe that a standing desk contributes to better productivity. On the other hand, as many as 87 percent of employees said that they feel better and more energetic at standing tables. Some have even stated that in gloomy times when they do not have much will and motivation, just a few minutes at a standing table raises the level of productivity and organization.

standing and seating table - a desk for office and gamers

Standing improves blood circulation and prolongs life

Back in elementary school, we were taught how man was created to move. In the state of sitting and resting, our body loses balance, strength and vitality. While this may all seem a bit exaggerated to you, research clearly shows that sitting has a bunch of bad side effects. In fact, some research has even proven how sitting shortens life by a few years.

The problem with sitting is that at rest our body adjusts in such a way that the circulation in the body slows down and fluids are retained in the lower part of the body. By standing or moving the body gets the necessary circulation and blood begins to flow to all organs and parts of the body. Consequently, standing at the table solves the problem of fluid accumulation in the lower parts of the body, and quality circulation encourages all organs in the body to work.

With better circulation, our brain also gets more blood and oxygen, so it can function better – which leads to higher productivity and motivation. Research shows that even small series of periods at the table have a very beneficial effect on our health. Although it may sound a bit exaggerated, improving circulation and activating muscles while standing at a table – prolongs human life. Therefore, with a standing table you can live longer.

standing and seating table - desk for office and gamers - standing at work

Calorie consumption is higher with a standing table

In addition to the many benefits we have listed so far, standing at a standing table can also contribute to your better physical appearance. Namely, standing consumes twice as many calories as sitting. Experts have calculated how one hour of sitting can consume between 60 – 120 calories. On the other side, one hour of standing will consume between 100 – 200 calories. So, standing consumes twice as many calories as sitting.

It is important to emphasize that the above calculation refers to only one standing / sitting. But if you include a week in that calculation and a few stops every day, you come to a fairly large number of increased calorie consumption. Day after day, week after week – and your body will look physically better. If you stand for 4 hours every day, you will consume approximately 500 calories more, which is about 3,500 calories per week. If you pay a little attention to your diet – by standing you can lose up to a pound of weight per week.

Standing at a desk also contributes to your physical appearance in various other ways. Namely, the researchers concluded how by standing at work you switch your brain to a kind of fitness mode so you will have more desire for exercise and recreation. With better circulation and strengthened muscles of the whole body due to standing – your body will be better prepared for sports activities. Therefore, if you want to spend your days healthier and more energetically at work or while playing video games – it’s time to get a desk to stand on.

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