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Summer has arrived. The time when we warmed ourselves under warm blankets and fantasized about greenery, flowering trees, fun, the sea and the smell of salt in the air is thick behind us. If you started training on time, you probably exude confidence and are ready for all the adventures that summer has in store for you, but even if you haven’t trained and don’t feel ready for summer wardrobe, don’t despair because it’s not too late.

There are wearables, an inexhaustible source of motivation and personal assistants that will dress you up at 5 to 12 because it’s never too late for a healthy lifestyle. If you are not a supporter of urban environments and the heat of the city asphalt, use the old annual and extended weekend to escape to nature, go to the sea or the countryside and let wearable devices discover new ways and help create healthy habits.

Huawei Watch GT 3 PRo Croatia (9)

Why wearables?

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Wearable technology is one of the fastest growing sectors in the technology industry today. From smart bracelets to high-tech smart watches, wearable devices are worn more today than ever before. They contain sensors for monitoring body movements that record various health and physical data and synchronize them to smartphones via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

The devices are designed to help users achieve goals such as maintaining fitness, losing weight, gaining muscle mass and generally monitoring overall health. Since they are always with the user, the devices are practical and allow you to make calls, answer messages quickly, listen to music, view the weather forecast, GPS functions and the like.

When someone mentions wearable devices, we usually first think of smart watches that are associated with characteristics such as fit, style, functions and materials from which they are made. The new Huawei Watch GT 3 Pro series of smart watches combines all the mentioned characteristics and brings the best of both worlds, fashion and technology. Find out below how Huawei cares about the well-being of its customers and encourages them to step out of their comfort zone.

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Watch GT 3 Pro made of titanium

Watch GT 3 Pro made of titanium

Created for fans of luxury design, with the possibility of choosing 2 different models, the 46 mm Watch GT 3 Pro with its titanium construction provides incredible strength, quality materials and exudes the energy of a timeless classic. Available with a titanium strap and a black fluoroelastomer strap, the 46mm Watch GT 3 Pro provides all-day health monitoring and a variety of training modes such as golf and diving. Wherever you are this summer, this personal assistant and fashion accessory will attract many views, while providing you with the most accurate GPS positioning and analysis of physical activities during summer adventures, discovering new cities, new forest trails or a well-established training regime. This watch monitors your every move, records your health and gives you tips to improve your sleep quality, for example.

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Watch GT 3 Pro from Ceramic

Watch GT 3 Pro from Ceramic

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Smaller, but no worse, the 43mm Watch GT 3 Pro prints a new smartwatch design sheet. This magnificent ceramic workmanship is due to almost two weeks of grinding and polishing diamond powder. The final product shines with a natural glow in a refined brilliant color, leaving the impression that it is a real work of art, and comes in an edition with a ceramic and leather belt. The watch combines luxurious elegance and advanced functionalities of monitoring health and physical activities.

This watch invites you to dive deep and explore the seabed, with a certificate of water resistance up to 30 meters and the ability to monitor the speed, depth and time of the dive. Equally functional on land, with more than 100 different sports modes and the ability to monitor all important health parameters, the 43 mm Watch GT 3 Pro will act like a wrist trainer, meeting the fashion standard of festive, casual and sporting occasions.

Watch GT Runner

Watch GT Runner

Huawei’s first specialized running watch features a reliable two-band GNSS chip with five satellite systems that makes sure you know where you are at all times, even when you get out of the way. Watch GT Runner is intended for beginners, but also for advanced runners. What makes it special is the scientific running program that records all the data about the user, analyzes the current level of fitness, and after the training creates a custom running program.

There is no forcing and overtraining, but no light training, but each training is just right for you, as you want because you can tell him what your goal is. And the results are visible to anyone who follows the instructions, both for training and for rest and enough sleep. All professional and recreational athletes know that recovery from training is just as important as training, and so does the Watch GT Runner, which provides fully customized training with its scientific running program.

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Devices we carry with us

There are wearables, and there are devices we carry with us. Devices such as wireless headphones and speakers are often carried in pockets and bags, and their functionality makes it difficult to separate from them. Wireless headphones have really made a big technological leap when we consider that we used to use headphones with wires that would be forever tangled, and with them it was inconvenient to perform any type of physical activity.

Wireless headphones make it easy to use and quickly connect to a smartphone or smartwatch. The Watch GT 3 Pro series of smart watches can store up to 500 songs that can be played directly through headphones, making it easier and more interesting to train, walk, learn or work. Deezer and Tidal music streaming apps, available in the Huawei AppGallery app store, take care of the music selection.

FreeBuds Lipstick

FreeBuds Lipstick

Charming in appearance, the FreeBuds Lipstick wireless headphones resemble lipstick, the lid of the case closes like a real lipstick when closed, and the box even has a special seductive scent. Combined with the elegant and classy Watch GT 3 Pro series watches, they form the perfect summer combination.

Huawei_Sound Joy zvucnik (6)

Sound Joy

Let’s remember the American music scene of the 80s. Large “Boombox” speakers on the shoulders, loud but extremely clear sound and constant fun. Technology has advanced so it has managed to reduce the size of the speakers while increasing the sound quality. Huawei recently introduced the Sound Joy, a compact, modern and portable smart speaker made in collaboration with Devialet, a renowned French sound manufacturer. Easily portable and ideal for any outdoor scenario, it is sure to be on everyone’s list of summer necessities.

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new 9 SE

Get ready for the longest day of the year

No matter which wearable and portable device you choose, it will require synchronization with your smartphone. Huawei recently introduced the new 9 SE, as well as the P50 series of smartphones that boast high performance, reliability, good cameras, but also the availability of all popular global and local applications. AppGallery, Huawei’s official app store with more than 187,000 apps in more than 170 countries, offers all the apps you need to enjoy this summer. Whether you like to read books, browse the news, pay bills via m-banking or something else, every user can rely on AppGallery and Petal Search, Huawei’s official search engine.

In addition to the availability of applications, all Huawei smart devices are adorned with a durable battery with the ability to quickly charge. Sometimes when we are in nature or on a boat far from the coast, we do not have the ability to charge phones, watches or headphones, so we rely on their batteries. The new 9 SE battery will charge up to 60% in just 15 minutes, while 100% charge will take only 36 minutes. Watch GT 3 Pro smartwatches also feature fast charging technology, so the process takes 30% shorter than previous models.

Summer officially begins on June 21, and apart from the first day of summer, that day also marks the longest day of the year. To stay connected in every situation, make sure you have your favorite Huawei devices with you that day to make the most of the longest day of the year. Since the Watch GT 3 Pro made of titanium contains a battery that lasts up to 14 days, if you charge it today, you can safely look forward to the longest day of the year and even a few days after it.

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