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Tesla builds electric cars and not smartphones, of course. However, does it have to stay that way forever and ever? Elon Musk has already set up many a bizarre start-up and ultimately implemented some blatant ideas. A telephone would be almost too “banal”. When you look at this draft, you can only exclaim: We need such a crazy part.


First smartphone from Tesla: thanks for the cell phone concept

What if Tesla ein Smartphone would build? How would such a device intend to attract customers and how would it have an advantage over Apple’s iPhone? Only one at the moment hypothetical question, whose answer is extremely exciting. The designer Antonio De Rosa, who has already drawn some ingenious Apple designs in the past, thought about this.

His basic idea: A smartphone from Tesla could and probably would Bringing together the product world of Elon Musk, just as Apple sees the iPhone as a link to other Apple products and services. This could actually work, after all, Tesla customers are just as passionate as Apple fans … Tesla has long been a cult, not just an electric car manufacturer.

The blatant features of the possible Tesla smartphone

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And so it would „Tesla Model Pi“ are also at the center of Mr. Musk’s extravagant products. Let’s take a look…

Image Credit: Antonio De Rosa

E-car control: It’s obvious that the Tesla smartphone should also be able to control one’s own electric car from the company of the same name, from the air conditioning to the key function included. So far unsurprising.

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Image Credit: Antonio De Rosa

Neuralink connection: But now it’s really getting crazy. With “Neuralink”, the Tesla founder has been developing and working on a so-called brain-computer interface since 2016, i.e. a device that establishes communication between the human brain and a computer. Well, such a device could come in the form of this smartphone.

Image Credit: Antonio De Rosa
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App connection for the flamethrower: For those who have forgotten, Musk’s “Boring Company” is probably known for selling a specially developed flamethrower. In the future, it could then be individualized with a suitable app on the Tesla smartphone.

Image Credit: Antonio De Rosa

Starlink-Antenne: With Starlink, Musk provides high-speed Internet via satellite. So far, however, this has required a separate antenna. But what if this were already built into the smartphone in miniature form?

Image Credit: Antonio De Rosa

Marscoin Mining: Of course, with the Tesla smartphone you could also mine the cryptocurrency “Marscoin” directly. The latter has nothing directly to do with Elon Musk and Tesla, but the Space X founder is a big fan of the red planet. FYI: The special cryptocurrency is used to fund missions to Mars — exactly Mr. Musk’s thing.

Image Credit: Antonio De Rosa
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Astrophotography: And of course, the Carl Zeiss camera system would of course be so outstanding that it would be excellently suited for astrophotography. True to the motto: “To infinity and much further.”

And what else would such a Tesla smartphone offer? It’s clear, solar cells are a matter of course and Ultrasonic fingerprint sensors in the display are no longer science fiction. In the case of the operating system, you would probably have a Android substructure take, there is no need to reinvent the wheel a second time.

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The Tesla boss is already a crazy dog:

The sum of the sums

Our assessment: Even if there is currently only one insane idea is, such a Tesla smartphone would find customers. Certainly among Tesla drivers, but perhaps one or two Apple and Samsung users would switch and later buy the right e-car. A win-win situation for Mr. Musk.

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