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What is the best action camera in 2022? Which sports camera to choose for capturing beautiful spring and summer adventures? What are the characteristics of each camera and how do the prices of the best sports cameras on the market move?

Action cameras they have become an integral part of the equipment of many travel enthusiasts. Convenient small cameras that you can store in your pocket when you’re not using them – give you great shooting and shooting performance. So much power and functionality is squeezed into such a small camera.

If you are thinking of buying a new action (sports) camera in 2022 – this is the article for you. Below we bring you a list of the best action cameras in 2022. Be sure to check out the list of top 5 camerasfind the best camera for you – and embark on an interesting adventure of capturing unforgettable moments.

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new action camera gopro hero 10 black camera

GoPro Hero 10 Black – the best action camera on the market

According to most experts, the GoPro Hero10 Black is currently the best action camera on the market. The latest action camera model from the excellent GoPro family brings improvements in all segments compared to the last generation of cameras. The camera weighs 153 grams and has a battery that can last about 1:32 hours of recording (depending on the recording method). It is equipped with a sensor that allows 23 MP and video recording at resolutions up to 5.3K.

Compared to the popular GoPro 9 generation of cameras, the new GoPro 10 camera has an accelerated interface, which greatly simplifies the work of the end user. At the same time, the camera brings a higher frame rate. It is possible to record videos at 5.3K 60 fps, 4K 60 fps, 1080P 120 fps or 240 fps. It is worth mentioning how it is waterproof camera and allows you to shoot carefree to a depth of 10 meters.

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The GoPro Hero10 Black is definitely the number one camera if you want quality, speed and reliability in a variety of weather conditions. It is necessary to mention and excellent video stabilization, which will impress you. You can literally sprint with the camera, and the video will look calm without any jerks. You can get all this and much more in any technology store in Croatia costs about 4,000 kuna.

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new sports camera dji action 2 camera

DJI Action 2 – modular camera as the biggest competitor to GoPro 10 cameras

DJI Action 2 is a new camera from the DJI family and accordingly we can expect excellent performance. DJI is known for its top-notch drones and excellent small cameras, as DJI Action 2 also brings a new concept which we have not yet seen on the market. DJI Action 2 consists of two cases that can operate separately, and in one case there is a camera while in the other there is a screen. The camera weighs only 57 grams and the battery can last for 1 hour when detached and 2 hours when the housings are connected.

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The unique DJI Action 2 camera can record videos in 4K up to 120 fps or 1080P up to 240 fps. The camera is waterproof to a depth of 10 meters, and if you put it in the corresponding housing with the camera, you can dive up to 60 meters deep. The resolution is 12 MP, and interestingly, the camera brings as many as two touch screens that you can control the camera. The disadvantage is the need to additionally connect the case if you want more memory.

Given that this is an action camera from a well-known manufacturer, it is clear how we can expect great performance. Maybe not as good as the GoPro 10 Black camera, but DJI Action 2 can match that great camera in most segments. The unique concept of the camera may initially create certain problems and doubts for you, but you will quickly fall in love with the small dimensions of the camera. You can get the DJI Action 2 action camera in Croatia at costs about 3,700 kuna.

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mala kamerica insta 360 go 2 camera

Insta360 Go 2 – the best micro action camera

Insta360 Go 2 is a very interesting action camera that stands out with its appearance and small dimensions. This quality micro camera can go where other action cameras cannot and therefore the choice of many users is desirable. Insta360 Go 2 weighs only 26 gramsbut also a very small battery – which allows you to record for up to 30 minutes (depending on the type of recording).

The interesting micro camera Insta360 Go 2 brings a 9 MP sensor that can record 1440P video. For a camera of this micro size, the resolution it can record is actually quite impressive. Insta360 Go 2 has 32 GB internal memory which is quite enough for you to capture unforgettable moments before recharging the battery. A special case is available for charging the battery, and it is possible to purchase various accessories for mounting the camera.

The main disadvantage of this camera is certainly a small battery that allows you 15 to 30 minutes of recording. However, this is compensated by the small dimensions that allow you to store the camera in your pocket or capture places with it that you cannot with other cameras. If this camera seems like the top choice for you, the great news is that you can get it in Croatian stores or online. The price of Insta360 Go 2 is around 2,500 kuna.

new dji pocket 2 mini shooting camera 4k stabilizer

DJI Pocket 2 – the best action camera with a physical stabilizer

DJI Pocket 2 is a second generation Pocket camera that differs significantly in design from other action cameras. Namely, this small sports camera has a real stabilizer that adapts to the movements of the cameraman. The DJI Pocket 2 is a relatively narrow camera so you can put it in your pocket without any major problems, and if you are afraid of damage, you can put it in an elegant and small case. The camera has a sensor of as much as 64 MP, and brings a small 1-inch screen on the body itself.

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A very interesting DJI Pocket 2 action camera can record videos up to 4K. Given its small size, shooting at that resolution is more than impressive. Operating the camera is quite simple, and the interface itself is intuitive and simple. Although the camera has a screen size of only 1 inch, it can be easily operated with basic functionalities. For more details, focusing and adjusting various options, you can use connecting the camera to a smartphone.

Compared to the last generation of cameras, the DJI Pocket 2 delivers improved performance and better stability during shooting. It should be noted that stability is sometimes a little difficult, especially with sudden strokes. But this camera will enchant you globally with its capabilities and small dimensions – which is why you can seamlessly store it in your pocket. DJI Pocket 2 can be purchased in Croatian stores at price of about 2,800 kuna.

GoPro Hero 8 Black vs GoPro Hero 9 Black

GoPro Hero 9 Black – a quality camera at a better price than the GoPro 10 generation

GoPro Hero 9 Black is a camera that has been on the market for several years, and is still among the top cameras you can get in 2022. Namely, this camera was an absolute refreshment on offer during the launch today the performance of that camera is hard to beat. Since it is almost half the price of the new GoPro Hero 10 Black camera, this camera seems like a great choice for anyone looking to save money when buying an action camera.

The popular GoPro Hero 9 Black action camera weighs 158 grams, brings water resistance up to 10 meters, and also a battery that can record up to 3 hours. With a resolution of 20 MP cameras can record 4K 30 fps, 1080P to 60 fps or 720P 240 fps videos. Although slightly older, this camera in many segments does not lag far behind the GoPro Hero 10 Black camera and is still a great choice for anyone who wants quality with partial savings on price.

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