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The need to transform public administration has been apparent for years, if not decades. With the numerous and drastic changes we have been going through in recent years, this need is becoming more and more pronounced. What is needed to bring about transformation, explained Anne Lise Kjaer, a futurologist who gave her speech at the Future Tense conference in Zagreb’s Lauba.

“How would we behave if we considered the long-term impact of our actions? This is exactly the question that members of public administrations need to ask themselves, but also ourselves, in order to jointly and successfully manage the challenges that are coming. Technology is evolving rapidly and inevitably affects public administration, society and individuals. In addition, it has the potential to implement change, but the involvement, integrity and responsibility of those responsible is the cornerstone of successful governance and the future, ”said Anne Lise Kajer.

She was later joined at the panel by Goran Šaravanja, Chief Economist of the Croatian Chamber of Commerce, Dario Hrebak, Mayor of Bjelovar, and Ivan Franičević, CEO of Rasca, while the discussion was moderated by Aida Riđanović, Director of International Affairs and Communications at Qatar Foundation International.

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“The excellence of public administration is manifested in dialogue, joint definition of challenges and solutions to overcome them. As an on-duty optimist, I think we need to move away from pessimism. What we need to focus on is the progress we have made. We are still learning and the process is dynamic, but our achievements should be motivation and encouragement for the future “- said Goran Šaravanja.

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The Mayor of the City of Bjelovar, Dario Hrebak, spoke about the projects he has already implemented, such as the abolition of surtaxes, and made the city’s finances completely transparent.

“The revolutionary changes we have initiated in Bjelovar are based on optimism, transparency and responsibility. I think these are the qualities that should characterize the future of management. If they do not exist, there is no chance for change and development. In short, the public administration that will optimistically accept the profound change, believe in it, implement it and monitor it is the public administration of the future “- said Dario Hrebak.

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Ivan Franičević, CEO of Rasca, one of the most successful Croatian companies, spoke about the relationship between the private and public sectors and the necessary changes that would lead to transformation.

“A change in mindset is the beginning of any change, and what makes it so powerful is the fact that it is equally powerful both locally and globally. Just look at the education system. We studied history, we had courses that focused on the present, while the future was mentioned little or not at all. I think it is time to change that, “said Ivan Franicevic.

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