Samsung will launch two new folding smartphones, the Galaxy Z Flip 4 and Z Fold 4, in a few weeks. One of the biggest drawbacks of this cell phone series so far has been the display, where the notch of the flexible screen is very visible and degrades the display. This is exactly the problem Samsung has tackled, as new photos prove.

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Photos show Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4

Even before Samsung’s new folding cell phones are officially presented, the first images and even a video of the Galaxy Z Flip 4 have appeared. It showed the almost unchanged design of the smartphone compared to its predecessor. Was because the images were removed again by copyright strike. This has often happened in the past when leaks from Samsung have appeared on social networks or YouTube. But once something lands on the internet, it can never be removed. So other users simply re-uploaded the photos:

The most important part of the pictures is the display on the inside. the The notch in the middle can hardly be seen anymore, when looking directly at the Galaxy Z Flip 4’s screen. Now that can look completely different with a black background and more light sources, but the source has confirmed that Samsung has made a big step forward. The flexible glass has probably become a little more robust.

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What Samsung has implemented with the Galaxy Z Flip 4 should of course also apply to the Galaxy Z Fold 4. The same materials are used in both smartphones, so that the notch should also be slightly smaller should. But it will continue to be visible and tangible – just not as strong as before.

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For comparison: The current generation of folding cell phones:

Samsung event planned for August

It was only recently announced that Samsung is planning an unpacked event on August 10, 2022. The Galaxy Z Flip and Fold 4, but also the Galaxy Watch 5 will be officially presented there. At the latest then we will find out whether the notch of the foldable display is really not that concise anymore.