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This will eventually become a tradition for Google phones. Even before its official release, the Pixel 6a is also entitled to its little tour on the Facebook marketplace where it is already on sale 1 month and a half before its official release.

The Pixel 6a is also on sale before its official release // Source: Facebook Marketplace

Is there a Google product that hasn’t been discovered in the wild before its official release? Even by announcing its smartphones several months before their launch, Google does not yet seem able to protect itself against leaks from its own partners who seem to be letting a lot of copies of their future products wander into the wild, and that’s again the case for the Pixel 6a.

An early release in Malaysia

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The company known for taking drastic measures against leaks by trying to get ahead of leaks also doesn’t seem to be able to stop third parties from putting its products on sale long before they’re released. After the Pixel 7 on sale on eBay, the Pixel 7 Pro sold to a user then blocked by Google and not to mention the Pixel Watch forgotten in a restaurant, it is no longer a simple leak, but an open tap . Added to this is a video of getting started with the Pixel 6a published a priori by mistake by the Mountain View giant since it has since been removed.

The amazing story of this series of leaks now takes us to Malaysia. Specifically on the Facebook Marketplace where someone is already selling a copy of the Pixel 6a which was just made official at Google I/O just a month ago and not expected until the 28th next July.

Well, can’t offer you a Pixel 7 Prototype, but how about a retail Pixel 6a, selling on Facebook Marketplace?
(looks like the same guy who put the Video on TikTok, btw)

— Nils Ahrensmeier (@NilsAhrDE) June 4, 2022

A new unboxing outside the premises of Google

The person who offers this Pixel 6a for the equivalent of 500 dollars has also taken the liberty of posting a small unboxing on TikTok.

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No prototype this time around, just units starting to sell earlier than expected. The video also shows us that the person seems to have several copies in their possession, which could lead us to believe that they are a partner of the company, perhaps a reseller inspired by previous leaks. This should not please Google, which could decide to block these copies remotely, as was the case for the prototype of the Pixel 7 Pro, even if its hardware is no longer really a secret to anyone.

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The Pixel 6a will carry with it the Tensor chip, the SoC that equipped the Pixel 6 and whose second generation will arrive this fall. It will adopt a more compact format than its predecessors with a screen size of 6.1 inches diagonally and a 4410 mAh battery. On the photo side, it will also receive the same photo sensors that fitted the Pixel 5, which would offer very good value for money below 500 euros. Maybe even that we are dealing here with the future champion of its category, but that, the future will tell us.

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