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[Deal du jour] Amazon is currently offering an 8% discount on the Lunii story factory, which sees its price drop below €60. Perfect for long road trips getting ready for the holidays.
  • What exactly is Lunii? The story factory is an interactive audio box that tells stories to children. This storyteller has a relatively simple design: a wheel for the volume, one for the choice of stories, and the classic pause, play and home buttons. The original concept of this box is that the user can choose the hero or heroes of his story, as well as several parameters. Basically, Lunii works like the famous “books in which you are the hero”, by offering a certain freedom on the story listened to. With several settings to select at the start of the story, illustrated by a small LED screen on the front of the storyteller, the child can tinker with his story and listen to the result of his various choices. The stories to choose from are often of good quality, accompanied by good dubbing and a quality sound environment. And if your child doesn’t have the soul of a budding author, Lunii also has a huge catalog of classic stories, with no settings to choose from, that will make them just as happy. Simply connect your Lunii to a computer via the USB port and you will have access to the Luniistore, the dedicated catalog of the history factory. While some original stories stamped Lunii can sometimes sound amateurish, the brand’s catalog can count on partner publishers, such as Disney, who offer very high quality work. Be careful, however, not to make your children addicted to their story factory, because the cost can quickly become expensive.
  • Is this Lunii, the story factory, a good deal? With 8% off, the cost of one or more stories on the Luniistore, it’s a bargain. The Luniistore catalog is rich and varied. It’s a real pleasure to make your choice on the official application of the story factory, as there is something for all tastes and for all ages. From nursery rhymes and musical awakening for the little ones from the age of three, to more elaborate stories for the older ones, Lunii is an ideal companion for the imagination. Unfortunately, even if its blocky design looks solid, Lunii won’t resist the knocks and shocks that will (surely) occur as you listen. The factory can easily break down and in the event of a problem, you will have to go through the after-sales service. Fortunately, the latter is responsive and competent, and the French brand is up to date on repairs and even offers you a history in the event of sending to the after-sales service. The Lunii Story Factory can be supplemented with an audio headset, for parents who do not wish ride up listening for the thirtieth time to Donald’s setbacks at the campsite.
The Lunii Story Factory // source: Lunii

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