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At Computex, AMD executives added key details about their upcoming Ryzen 7000 processor, including demonstrations that accelerated clock speeds well above 5GHz, and confirmation that its new AM5 socket will retain compatibility with cooling solutions used by current Ryzen chips in the AM4 socket. . AMD has unveiled three chipsets that will accompany the launch of the Ryzen 7000, and several third-party motherboards that will also support it. AMD Executive Director dr. Lisa Su also showed off the new Ryzen 7000 which easily outperformed the Intel Core processor running the project in the Blender rendering task.

In January, when AMD first announced the Ryzen 7000 and its Zen 4 architecture, the company would only list the “second half” of 2022 as the launch date of the new chip. At Computex, AMD leaders set “autumn” as the time frame for launching the new processor. Unfortunately, we still don’t know all the details about the new Ryzen 7000, as AMD plans to release them over the summer.

AMD Ryzen 7000

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Zen 4 / AM5 technology is based on the current Ryzen 6000 Mobile processor, whose performance is rated as very good. AMD’s goal for the Ryzen 6000 Mobile was to target mainstream laptops, and AMD couldn’t resist showing off several of its recent victories, including the Alienware m17 R5 Ryzen Edition, Asus ZenBook S 13 and Lenovo Legion Slim 7 and Yoga Slim Pro X .Metamechbook and Origin will also be built into the Ryzen 6000 as system integrators. AMD also said it would adapt the Ryzen architecture for “Mendocino,” a new chip for long-lasting budget laptops that cost less than $ 700.

One of Ryzen’s more interesting victories, however, has not yet been launched: Corsair Voyager, a gaming laptop optimized for streaming. The Voyager comes with a small Apple-like touchpad at the top of the screen, designed around a version of the Elgato Stream Deck, along with several shortcut keys. Inside will be “latest” AMD technologies, DDR5 memory and 1080p webcams, said Frank Azor, chief architect of gaming and marketing solutions for AMD. It should come out this summer.

AMD Ryzen 7000

Good news for future users of the AMD Ryzen 7000 series

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We already know a few features of the Ryzen 7000: the first is a move to the incompatible 1718-pin AM5 LGA socket, that AMD will produce it on 5-nanometer, process technology and use DDR5 memory technology instead of DDR4, just like Intel’s competitors, Adler Lake chips. There are two chips, each with four Zen 4 cores, plus an I / O nut that includes an integrated RDNA2 graphics core.

However, what we learned Monday morning in Taiwanese time is that computer makers will be able to use the same coolers as they used for AM4 systems, even if the socket itself has changed, says David McAfee, general manager of AMD’s desktop business . However, it is not clear at what power consumption levels each individual chip will operate; all McAfee would say in this regard is that the platform will have a maximum power of 170 W (which refers to AMD’s own packet power tracking, not thermal design power or TDP, according to analyst Dr. Ian Cutress.) McAfee is also clarified some of the I / O capabilities, also: 24 PCI Express 5.0 tapes, up to 14 “Super-fast” transfers of 20Gbps USB-C tapes, WiFi 6E and Bluetooth LE 5.2, and up to four HDMI 2.1 and DisplayPort 2 ports. We also now know three Socket AM5 chipsets that AMD will ship with the Ryzen 7000. They will include the X670E, X670 and B650, McAfee said.

McAfee described the X670E as “the best of the best,” with the most extreme space for overclocking and the most power phases to push overclocking to its limits. It will have two PCIe 5 graphics slots and a PCIe 5 storage slot, said Robert Hallock, Ryzen’s director of marketing for AMD, in a separate press briefing. The X670 will be the chipset for most mainstream manufacturers Ryzen, McAfee said, with a PCIe 5 running on M.2 slots, as well as a primary graphics slot on many boards, he said. There will also be memory overclocking. Finally, the B650 boards will “offer the perfect balance of price and features,” but without the ability to overclock other boards, PCIe4 will be used for graphics, but PCIe 5 for at least one NVMe SSD slot, Hallock said.

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“So we’re trying to make our chipset portfolio a little more flexible by entering this generation with two premium options, allowing users to switch to full [PCIe5] or lower and adjust their prices accordingly, ”Hallock said in a press release.

All boards will include PCIe 5 running on at least one M.2 storage socket, McAfee said. PCIe 5 SSDs bring up to a 60 percent improvement in sequential reading over Gen 4, McAfee said, and AMD expects Crucial and Micron’s PCIe 5 SSDs to be released on time with the AM5 board ecosystem.

“While SSDs themselves will help speed up computer load time, so will AMD’s work elsewhere in the system. AMD has created Smart Access Storage, which is a counterpart to the Windows DirectStorage technology created by Microsoft and which will dramatically reduce loading time on computers. Smart Access Storage also uses AMD’s Smart Access Memory as well as Radeon GPU decompression to improve game load time and texture streaming, ”said Azor.

AMD Ryzen 7000

Performance of the new AMD Ryzen 7000 series

Unfortunately, we don’t know too much about the performance of the Ryzen 7000 processor. “But if you think the Zen 3-based 5800X3D delivers 15 percent more performance than the 5800X,” Su said, “the Ryzen 7000 can offer more than the same: a 15 percent increase in single-threaded workload compared to previous generations,” she claims. Su. This is partly because AMD has doubled its level 2 cache to 1 megabyte per core for more bandwidth. Clock speeds will also operate “well above 5 GHz and with a higher IPC [uputama po taktu] and faster clock speeds, ”says Su. AMD has also added dedicated instructions for augmented reality and neural networks. AMD will have more details later, leaders said.

Su showed off a pre-production version of the Ryzen 7000 that powered Ghostwire: Tokyo, where the clock speeds reached 5.5 GHz. In another demonstration, Su showed a Blender rendering project that works in relation to the “competition system,” she said. In that demonstration, the Ryzen 7000 completed the project 31 percent faster.

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