For the sales, Amazon is selling off the Samsung Odyssey G7 curved gaming screen. A decision of choice for who would like to play in the best conditions and with the latest technologies on PC.
  • What is this promo on the Samsung Odyssey G7? Amazon offers this screen in two sizes, namely 27 and 32 inches. The first is trading at 469 euros instead of 649 euros, the second at 534.77 euros instead of 699 euros. The choice is yours (and the size of your office).
  • What are the characteristics of this screen? Its 27 or 32 inch curved QLED panel offers a WQHD resolution (2560 x 1440). If your graphics card holds up, you can therefore enjoy your games in very good conditions. Especially since the maximum refresh rate here is 240 Hz, and HDR600, Nvidia G-Sync and AMD FreeSync technologies are supported. Beautiful colors and fluidity should therefore be part of it.
  • That’s a lot of barbaric words, all that, right? It is not false. HDR600 allows you to enjoy richer contrasts and better managed brightness. G-Sync and FreeSync make it possible, depending on the brand of your graphics card, to take advantage of the effects of vertical synchronization (which prevents image tearing) without suffering performance losses.
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Samsung Odyssey G7 // Samsung

To better understand the offer on the Samsung Odyssey G7

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