[Deal du jour] Fnac is currently offering a 14% reduction on the Sony brand Bravia 75″ 4K LED TV. A great TV for all kinds of content, under €1,200.
  • What is this Sony Bravia TV? Older people remember. It’s 2005 and tens of thousands of bouncing balls are rolling down the hills of Los Angeles, to the sweet melody of José González. Sony has just launched its new Bravia television, with a cult ad still today, which praised the colors of its television. More than 15 years later, the TV Bravia is still around. With a 75-inch LCD panel, i.e. a diagonal of 190 cm, this model plays in the court of the (very) big. Its design with thin edges allows you to fully immerse yourself in the screen and its LCD panel offers 4K UHD definition. Vivid colors are always there, while X-Reality Pro 4K processing will upscale the content viewed, for much more detailed images. Dolby Atmos sound will completely immerse you, for a true cinema experience. Be careful, however, to have the necessary space in your living room, because this Bravia television takes up a lot.
  • Is this Bravia 4K 75″ TV a bargain? At less than €1,200, it’s a bargain. For a screen of this size and with this image quality, the Sony Bravia does not have to blush in the face of equivalent and more expensive OLED televisions. With this Sony TV, gamers are not left out either. If you have a next-gen console like PS5 or the Xbox Series X, this model has two HDMI 2.1 ports and allows 4K content and 120 frames per second. The panel’s refresh rate, at 100 Hz, provides excellent image fluidity. And despite somewhat limited viewing angles and some improvements in the anti-reflective filter, this Bravia television will therefore be suitable for all types of content. And content, there is, with the Google TV operating system embedded in the Bravia. Free or paid, you will have access to all the flagship applications, so you never run out of programs. And for the most tech-savvy, you can control your connected objects with Google Assistant and Alexa.
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Sony’s Bravia 4K 75″ TV // Source: Sony

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