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On the eve of the legislative elections, let’s see how MPs have occupied the Twitter arena for the past five years. From July 2017 to March 2022, they tweeted almost 2 million times: Wedodata collected and explored this corpus. Back in graphics on these millions of texts that say a lot about their obsessions and their strategies for occupying the social network.

Twitter acts as a well-known political arena for its users. The deputies express themselves there to comment on the news, address the actors and actresses of their constituency, castigate the positions and votes of the opposing parties or even promote their appearance in the media. The approximately 280 signs are sometimes accompanied by well-known entities: hashtags, which can sum up the content of the tweet on their own.

Of the entire corpus, nearly half contains hashtags. MPs therefore add them on average one in two times to their tweets. Since 2017, this proportion has remained relatively stable and so has the total number of annual tweets from the hemicycle.

Hashtag Loyal MPs : from the most visible to less known profiles

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Among the 20 most active in total tweets, not all have the same usage of the hashtag. With nearly 20,500 posts, Jean-Luc Mélenchon (La France Insoumise) is not the first “tweeto” of the network – Louis Aliot (Rassemblement national) is with more than 27,500 tweets over 5 years, an average of 15 per day.

The LFI deputy can nevertheless boast of being his first “hashtager”. He added it in nearly 15,500 of his tweets, or 75% of his total corpus.

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On Twitter, a hashtag is technically used to better reference his remarks by providing context: Internet users who click on the hashtag could go to see the other tweets that have used it, and therefore read other opinions on the subject. .

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This ranking also reveals some names of MPs less known to the general public. This is the case of Josy Poueyto in 6th position out of 20 (in total of tweets), MoDem MP for the 1st district of Pyrénées-Atlantiques. To his credit: nearly 20,000 tweets, and more than 7,500 hashtagged publications. During her mandate, the deputy was mainly responsible for military programming. One of its most used hashtags attests to this: “#Barkhane”, referring to the military operation carried out in the Sahel by the French army.

Another more expected appearance, given his many puzzling speeches: Joachim Son-Forget, 20e of this ranking. Relative to all of his publications, his use of the hashtag is not the most active: less than 10%. The former LREM deputy, described by some as a “political troll”, has sparked controversy on Twitter on several occasions. In September 2018, he defended the showman Marcel Campion who made comments deemed homophobic. A few months later, his sexist statements target environmentalist senator Esther Benbassa. In April 2020, he impersonated Emmanuel Macron. More recently, the deputy changed his name and replaced it with that of Donald Trump. His account has since been suspended… but leaves some traces of his whims: after #COVID19, his second most used hashtag is #NouvellePhotodeProfil. Tweets without text that he systematically accompanies with atypical photo-(montages)…

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According to the current account of Coralie Dubost, the deputy LREM would only accumulate 9 tweets and 14 followers. The current @dubost_coralie account was actually created… in early May 2022. If she ends up in 17e position in our corpus is that so far the MP was speaking on another account which has accumulated more than 16,700 tweets in five years. This page refresh is undoubtedly linked to the revelations of Médiapart about the management of its mandate fees. A few days before the legislative elections, the elected official is indeed pinned for having used public money for her personal expenses.

Territorial or specific love hashtags : what are the preferred themes?

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A few thematic obsessions can emerge among informed “hashtageurs”, often linked to their constituency or their commitments. The hashtags are here broken down by MP, so as to highlight those who include the most in their tweets. A circle corresponds to a hashtag and its size is proportional to the number of times it has been used by the MP.

It appears that Jean-Luc Mélenchon uses it in a homogeneous way, with #BFMTV in mind, referring to his speeches on the continuous news channel. When he is not doing media self-promotion, the leader of LFI talks about #Marseille (of which he is a deputy in the 4e constituency) and #GiletsJaunes.

The dispersion is clearer among other deputies, for whom some fetish subjects emerge. Adrien Quatennens (LFI) or Sébastien Nadot (Freedom and Territories, ex-LREM) are, for example, followers of #Lille and #Melenchon for one, of #Yemen for the other. The latter notably criticizes France for selling arms to Saudi Arabia and the Inis Arab Emirates, parties to the ongoing conflict in Yemen. He even went so far as to hold up a banner. France kills in Yemen » in the hemicycle.

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Matthieu Orphelin is one of the few deputies on this list where the thematic obsession prevails over the love of his constituency: the elected environmentalist never ceases to recall the measures taken (and to be taken) in the face of the climate emergency. with its #climate.

Hashtag obsessives

Having favorite hashtags is one thing, using them in abundance is another. Some of our elected officials give each of their tweets 3, 4, 5… sometimes even 19 labels at the same time!

Gwendal Rouillard (LREM) thus wins the prize for the tweet with the most hashtags: proud of his region, the MP alternates 11 times #emojibzh and #GwennHaDu, mentions of support for the creation of the “Breton flag” emoji, thus totaling 22 hashtags.

Among the most regularly prolific, Patrick Loiseau, MoDem deputy, presents an impressive panel of hashtags. Among his favorite insertions are a few territories; the #Vendée, #larochesuryon, the #PaysdelaLoire, and the fervor of sport with #Tokyo2020, #AllezLesBleus and #champion.

With an average of 4 hashtags per tweet (compared to 2.5 for the entire corpus), it tops this ranking.

This article and its graphics were produced by Lina Kortobi for WeDoData, who also created a bot on Twitter titled MP Tweets, which allows you to dive with keywords into the tweets of elected officials. Go try it!

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