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Huawei has a very long reputation in the wearables segment, which will be followed by the latest Huawei FreeBuds Pro 2 headphones. We have been able to spend several hours with the new headphones and try them out during the flight to Istanbul. What impression did she leave on us?

Lighter between generations, still stylish

The new FreeBuds Pro 2 is similar in design to its predecessors (as in the case of the flexible Mate Xs 2 introduced today), but the manufacturers have managed to reduce weight by 13% and should be 11% smaller in size. However, more important than the parameters are the feelings from real use and they are positive. The case fits easily into your jeans pocket and the headphones themselves have a pleasing design. In addition, the extra-long legs and plug construction ensure that the FreeBuds Pro 2 does not protrude significantly from the ears. Perhaps the only complaint we could have about the shiny design of the headphones themselves, which is nice, but it acts as a magnet for prints.

We were able to try the comfort of FreeBuds Pro 2 while waiting at the airport and on the subsequent flight, when there were no unpleasant feelings, pushing in the ears and the like. Thanks to the legs, it is then possible to safely put on and pull the headphones out of the ears, or adjust their position. Due to the absence of the classic touch pad, which is replaced by the control on the legs, there is also no risk that playback will end unintentionally or the call will end when the headphones are put on your ears. Last but not least, the IP54 resistance comes in handy, which is suitable not only during sports activities.

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Addictive ANC

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In addition to the first-class sound quality promised by the manufacturer, which we will discuss in more detail in the classic review, active noise cancellation is certainly worth paying attention to. In this way, it should even be possible to reduce the noise level by up to 47 dB, which we could not verify, but we can confirm the excellent insulation properties. The headphones confidently managed to reduce the noise inside the plane, but they also dealt very well with the noise on the street in Istanbul.

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However, in addition to active noise cancellation, it is also possible to turn off this function or, conversely, gain an even better awareness of what is happening around you and activate a mode when the surrounding noise intensifies. Huawei has done a good job in this regard, as the intensification of the surrounding noise is really significant, but it does not look as artificial as it often is.

Ask what you are interested in

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We’re starting to test the headphones. In the meantime, you can ask us everything you are interested in about the headphones that Huawei intends to offer on our market for CZK 4,999.

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