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The “difficulty bomb”, which should make Ethereum unmineable in order to emit less C02 into the atmosphere, has been delayed.

This is an announcement that could have gone unnoticed. On the evening of Friday, June 10, Beiko Teamone of the leading developers of Ethereum, has released a very long twitter thread, summarizing the last meeting of the engineers working with him. His posts mostly talk about bugs and contain a lot of pretty technical details. But Tim Beiko also mentioned another element, very important for the future of the Ethereum blockchain: the “ difficulty bomb ».

« Long story short, we agreed to delay the bomb [de difficulté]. We were already late, and we want to be able to check all the numbers before choosing a date, but we are aiming for a delay of more or less 2 months “, he wrote. This delay might not seem important at first glance, but it could delay the passage of proof of work at proof of stake from l’Ethereum.

What is this difficulty bomb story?

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The difficulty bomb is a crucial milestone for the Ethereum sequel. The cryptocurrency, which is the second most popular in the world behind bitcoin, is currently based on a blockchain running on a system of proof of work. This system requires miners to answer extremely complex calculations before adding a new block and validating new transactions.

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A “difficulty bomb”? But what is that again? // Source: Canva

It is this system which is very greedy in energy and which is more and more criticized.

In order to make Ethereum a less polluting blockchain, it is expected to switch to another protocol: the one called proof of stake. It does not ask miners to solve calculations, but to “earn” the right to validate the next block by putting part of their possession in cryptocurrencies into play.

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Ethereum won’t be the first blockchain to work with this system — but it will be the first of its size to make the switch between the two protocols, known as “The Merge.” This is an extremely complex operation, which requires many test steps, and above all, the implementation of the famous difficulty bomb.

In order to facilitate the change of process and to force minors, who would be reluctant to adopt the proof of stakethe blockchain will undergo a drastic change in its level of difficulty. With the bomb, the equations to be solved will become so complex that it will be almost impossible to mine a new block. Miners will have no choice but to follow the new system or leave the blockchain.

What the Difficulty Bomb Delay Means for Ethereum

However, the bomb cannot be planned at any time. If it arrives too early, before the passage to the proof of stake, it would make any new operation on the blockchain impossible. The consequences would therefore be disastrous for Ethereum. This is not the first time that the operation has been postponed: the bomb has already been delayed 5 times.

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bomb (1)
Ethereum, the 2nd most popular cryptocurrency in the world, must switch to a proof of stake system // Source: Canva
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The fact that Tim Beiko and the other Ethereum developers have decided to delay the bomb again therefore means that The Merge could also be delayed again. So far, nothing like that has been announced. Officially, The Merge must still take place during the month of August 2022.

But concerns are already mounting and some of the developers themselves acknowledge that the date could still change. This is notably the case of Ben Edgington, another core dev from l’Ethereum. ” We are shifting the Ethereum difficulty bomb. We say it’s not going to delay The Merge. I sincerely hope not. Every week more with the proof of work generates nearly a million tons of CO2 “, he said on Twitter.

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