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The market for e-paper tablets for note-taking is quite extensive today. These devices are waiting for you. You still have to be able to choose the one that suits you.

You’ll probably never say goodbye to paper, but in our modern world, digital documents live in perfect harmony with their printed cousins. You might have eBooks on your Kindle and print books in your library, or documents in the cloud and print copies in a locker. The same goes for your notes. A e-paper tablet can be perfect.

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E-paper tablets make it easy to take notes, store them in the cloud, and do a whole bunch of things that aren’t possible with paper and pencil. It becomes possible to take notes on “infinite” pages and share them instantly.

And we are only at the start of the e-paper market. Where there were only one or two devices some time ago, there is no lack of references today. However, the majority are e-readers first. If you’re looking for a device to take digital notes first, here are the best options.

Best Choice: Onyx Boox Nova3 Color

BOOX has exploded the e-paper market and its Nova3 Color has everything you need for a tablet to take notes. It is so perfect that it is often difficult to find in stock. It is now on sale for around 400 €.

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The main advantage of the Nova3 Color is, of course, its color e-ink screen. The tablet itself runs Android, with the apps you know from the Play Store, and there’s no shortage of note-taking-specific features like handwriting recognition, built-in mic for voice-over -text, an efficient find and replace function, as well as inductive and capacitive touch, which allows you to use your fingers or the stylus. And the Nova3 Color supports PDF files, but also MOBI and EPUB as well as Word documents.

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On the negative side, we could blame it for its rather small screen, 7.8 inches, its autonomy of only about a day and its internal storage limited to 3 GB. Note, BOOK also offers the Ony Boox Note Air, at around €500, with a 10.3-inch screen.

Your second option: reMarkable 2

If you’re looking for another device for taking notes, your option is reMarkable 2. No color or the flexibility of Android apps, but a product dedicated to taking notes on a large 10.3-inch screen. With handwriting recognition (without microphone), 8 GB of storage (with cloud options), but no finger touch. PDF and EPUB compatible but not MOBI. On the other hand, the system offers many templates to easily start new notes.

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The reMarkable 2 tablet is not cheap, it is available from €300, up to €600 depending on options and features. You will have a little less functions than the Nova3 Color for this price, but the device is clearly oriented towards taking notes.

The cheapest, but effective option? Kobo Sage

If you’re looking for an affordable option, consider the Kobo Sage. It’s more of an e-reader than a note-taking device, but it’s compatible with the Kobo Pen and has a note-taking app. At just €300 (€260 for the tablet and €40 for the stylus), you have a very efficient system.

And of course, the really cheapest option is the small notebook at 3 € and a good old pen!

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