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Refurbished phones are attracting more and more French people. It must be said that they tick all the boxes: savings, possibility of changing more often, effective guarantee and expertise, environmental benefits. Focus on this phenomenon which is gaining more and more followers.

A good plan to save money

Buying a smartphone requires a certain budget, especially if you want it of high quality. Buying a second-hand smartphone is the guarantee of saving up to 40% on the price of a new device. It’s really worth getting started!

Refurbishment allows you to change your phone more often

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Savings during the purchase of a smartphone rhyme with increased purchasing power. Opting for a refurbished mobile means being able to change mobile phones more often. Indeed, instead of devoting all of your budget to the purchase of a new mobile, you can acquire a refurbished mobile like new and, a few months later, opt for a new model which has just gone into refurbished mode. . It’s clever!

Smartphone refurbished and guaranteed more and more to the point

The vast majority of refurbished phones offer a warranty. Some brands even offer this guarantee for a period of 12 months! All malfunctions (except breakage), theft, loss and oxidation are covered. Shipping costs are reimbursed if the problem in question is eligible for this guarantee. All this is very reassuring for those who still doubt!

Refurbished mobiles are appraised by professionals

Most refurbished smartphone brands offer devices that have undergone rigorous condition checks. These second-hand phones have been tested in-house by certified experts. Many points are examined with a magnifying glass: functionalities, cosmetic condition, battery check and change if necessary. In addition, in accordance with the GDPR law, the previous data of these smartphones has been carefully erased and each mobile is cleaned using an antibacterial product.

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A refurbished smartphone helps reduce environmental impact

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Manufacturing a smartphone requires the use of a large number of the planet’s natural resources. Consumption, overconsumption: there are more than 70 precious metals for a new mobile produced, many CO2 emissions and 174 grams of electronic waste when it ends up in nature!

Fortunately, resorting to the purchase of a refurbished smartphone leads to a reduction in this environmental impact. Giving a second life to a mobile can limit pollution and the emission of harmful waste, harmful to our planet. Using the reconditioning of a smartphone, or opting for a second-hand model, is synonymous with reducing our carbon footprint.

Refurbishment is very trendy these days!

We note that, in all areas, refurbished objects are appearing: telephones, of course, but also household appliances, tablets, laptops, screens, headphones, earphones… This is no coincidence!

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The craze for refurbished devices is a real trend to follow in order to consume smart. In addition to the “doing good business” aspect, this is a behavior that is increasingly valued in our daily lives.

Acquiring a used or second-hand phone means being eco-responsible. This is a real added value that relieves our morale but also our finances!

The refurbished iPhone 11 is a real technological gem available in several colors and whose storage capacity varies from one model to another. In this way, the second-hand market offers a wide range of mobiles suitable for all budgets while respecting our planet. What more ? A small discount code perhaps: MACG10

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