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Linux is a free and open operating system, created more than 30 years ago, but its popularity began to grow tremendously only ten years ago. Conditionally speaking because it makes up only 2.35 percent of the market share.

Windows is ahead with 87.56 percent and macOS with 9.54 percent. True, Linux dominates the server market, but these are already much more professional “leads”, here we will concentrate on the desktop environment and seven main reasons why Linux is not more popular than it is. That is, why it was, and will remain, intended for more advanced users, who cherish what Linux is – the opposite of the competition thanks to the openness, freedom and lack of restrictions to which we are accustomed.

1. No corporate support

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Microsoft, Apple and Google employ marketing specialists for what they offer, in order to better market the product, which is not the case in the Linux environment. Ubuntu is just an exception because Canonical, the company behind it, is quite active in marketing activities. Other distributions are too small to afford expensive marketing moves.

2. Using the Terminal is not close or easy for many

The Linux command line (Lnux command line) can perform a variety of operations through textual commands, but the problem is that they are not easy to remember. That is why there is a GUI or graphical user interface, which changes the need for the Terminal and makes it a harder part of the job for the user. But the look itself and these additional complications will distract the average user from Linux.

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3. Lack of availability of standardized software

Unfortunately, Linux will often have unavailable software needed for a particular job, such as Adobe Photoshop, CorelDRAW, Microsoft Excel … Large companies behind this software have no interest in dealing with Linux, which has too little market share to be profitable. At the same time, Linux users are proponents of openness, which is lacking in software of this type. Of course, there are alternatives, but they are a substitute, not the “right one”.

4. Lack of an exclusive ecosystem of applications and services

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For example, Windows has Office, Outlook and OneDrive while macOS has iTunes, AirDrop and Notes. Even Google has its own ecosystem for Chromebooks. Linux has nothing in common, primarily due to the large number of distributions that make it difficult to create such an ecosystem. In fact, the goal of Linux is to free the user from the ecosystem, so implementing one would be counterproductive.

5. Lack of support for individual distributions

In fact, it does not even exist in the classical sense, as with Apple or Microsoft, where the answer to certain ambiguities is obtained very quickly. Behind Linux is the community, but the experts who have most of the answers they need can’t quickly offer solutions to everyone who needs them at any given time. But there are tutorials that are available and it is difficult for anyone to face a problem that has never been seen before.

6. Choosing a distribution can be confusing

First of all, there are so many of them! Each of them offers something original, something that stands out and something that will be appreciated by a certain type of users, for whom they are actually intended. The most advanced won’t have a problem, but the rest will most often have a hard time knowing what to choose.

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7. Linux lags behind the gaming scene

Although there are more and more distributions dedicated to gaming, it is still quite far from the “smooth” experience that gamers enjoy on Windows and macOS systems. Fortunately, things are changing as the focus has shifted towards gaming and we may soon witness a better situation.

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