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The Animal + application is developed to take care of the health and safety of both domestic and wild animals. After a year of use and 15,000 downloads on the AppStore and Google Play, it was upgraded in June. “The application is a smart assistant in animal care. Their owners can write down all important dates related to veterinary inspection or medical records of the animal. One of the most important new features is the Report feature, which alerts you to a poisoned bait or stray animal. A new feature is the Bodyguard function. It is used by users who go on trips to low-traffic places,“Presents the benefits of Soňa Karaivanova, one of the founders of the Zvíře + application.

Just safe for horses

The application now uses the capabilities of smartphones to determine the exact location thanks to GPS. The Personal Guard function can be activated by users when they go for a walk with the animal or go for a ride. The mobile phone records their location at all times. If users remain in one place, the device will vibrate after 3 minutes. If the user does not mute the phone, the application automatically sends GPS coordinates to the selected emergency contact, such as a loved one. He then has the exact location of the person who may, for example, be severely injured or unconscious.

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Both our own experience and statistics have led us to develop this function. One of the most common injuries rescuers have to deal with is falling from a horse. Unfortunately, this sometimes has tragic consequences for people. Therefore, cognacs will especially appreciate this functionality. However, a person can be injured, even if he only goes to the forest to walk the dog. In any case, time plays a key role,Says Karaivanova. Similarly, the application protects the health and life of animals. With the emergency button I need help, users can contact the nearest animal rescue service or veterinarian. “We have encountered several cases where insects stabbed dogs or were bitten by a viper during a walk in the summer. Any allergic reaction of the dog is then very fast. They have to get to the vet as soon as possible,Says Karaivanova.

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Helps find lost pets

Dangerous baits, which often contain nails, razor blades or even a poison, can also harm animals. Reports of their findings appear several times a year. Therefore, the Animal + application now provides the Report function. Thanks to it, users can alert others to the suspicious bait. In addition, the function allows users of the application to be alerted to stray animals, most often dogs. “People often do not know where to look for their original owners, so they share photos of the finders in various ways on social networks or send them to municipal authorities. We wanted to simplify the whole process, so we created a platform in which we record all found and lost animals. In addition, GPS automatically reports their location,Explains Karaivanova. After creating the report, an automatic notification will appear to all users of the application within a radius of 20 kilometers on their mobile phone.

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He will also advise on the way

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In order for users to prevent all dangerous situations, the Animal + application has also prepared an overview of tips not only for animal care. In the application, people will learn, for example, what to do if they hit wildlife with their car. “In most cases, drivers are in shock after a collision. They often react by leaving the accident. But they should always call the police, even if they do not have a damaged car. However, they do not have to be afraid of fines. A collision with game is called an unintentional accident. But that will explain our applications to them,Concludes Karaivanova.

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