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As every year, at the beginning of summer, Apple “invites” us to its own WWDC annual conference, and introduce us to the news. It used to be new softwareonce hardwareand once combination the same. This time there were both, and below we will highlight the most important things that might interest you. What makes us especially happy is the arrival of new ones MacBook Airovabut more on that below.

iOS 16

  • Lock Screen, or the screen when your cell phone is locked, gets big improvements. First, it will allow you to adapt it more to your needs or preferences. Furthermore, Apple will add support for ‘widgets’, including those for ‘third-party’ applications. Notifications will now be populated from the bottom of the screen upwards (previously the opposite), while the “Live activities” API will allow developers to update notifications in real time (op.a. Very useful for example for monitoring sports results).
  • You will be given the option to edit or “pull” the message via iMessagea. Or you will be able to mark the conversation as “unread” to be notified that you have unread messages later.
  • SharePlay (op.a. Which allows you, for example, to watch a streaming movie with friends) will now also work via iMessage, not just via FaceTime.
  • Live Text will be able to translate and replace the text detected in the images, allowing you to read more easily, say, a restaurant menu in a language you do not know.
  • Apple will bring you a great feature “Buy now, pay later ”. This means that in places where you can pay with Apple Pay, you will be able to switch your purchase to pay in a maximum of 4 installments with 0 percent interest.
  • Apple’s big change map comes to a bunch of new places this year, including France, Switzerland, New Zealand, Belgium, Israel, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Monaco, the Palestinian Territories, Saudi Arabia and the Netherlands. It also gets improved support for multi-stop routes.
  • Apple News it will now allow you to follow news specifically targeted to your favorite sports / teams.
  • If you use Family Sharing to limit the time iPad users use, they will now be able to request more time via iMessage.
  • Now you can have common gallery picture with your family; when you take a photo, you can change it with one switch and add it to a shared gallery or keep it to yourself.
  • Apple claims that the whole “Homeapplication built “from scratch”. You should now be able to see all the devices from all the rooms on one screen, with the proviso that you can also drag the screen and quickly see the image from the cameras paired with HomeKit.
  • CarPlay It also gets a huge redesign – Apple basically wants to take over the entire dashboard of your car. It will support things like speed reading, fuel gauge, AC control, etc .; what will work from this, of course, depends on what the car manufacturer allows. Apple says you can expect more news about this “late next year”.
  • Shareplay will now have better support for games, allowing you to start matches more easily directly with friends.
  • iPadOS will get a new desktop-style window management feature called “Stage Manager”That allows you to run multiple overlapping applications on the screen at the same time.
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Apple Watch

  • 4 new “faces” / screens are coming: Astronomy, Lunar, Play time, Metropolitan.
  • New “bannernotifications will keep you informed of relevant things as before, but will not take up the entire screen.
  • Apple Watch will be able to follow several new ones metricsincluding vertical oscillation (op.a. How much you moved “up / down” while running), stride length, and ground contact time.
  • Fitness application on iOS it will be on / available to everyone, whether or not they have an Apple Watch. That way, everyone will be able to “close” the circles.
  • Sleep tracking”Or sleep monitoring will now use a heart-rate monitor and accelerometer to monitor how long you have been in one of the four sleep phases (awake / REM / Core / Deep) during sleep. This will be useful for those who have difficulty falling asleep and who have “easy” sleep.
  • Apple Watch will be able to track your “A-fib”History to help doctors monitor cardiac arrhythmia and determine if the treatment you are receiving is helping.


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Apple has shaken up the industry by introducing its own custom M1 chipwhich combines fantastic performance with wild energy efficiency – it’s incredibly fast, but somehow your laptop’s battery will still last all day.

The chip is now back with the aptly named – M2. Apple says the M2 CPU is 18% faster than the M1, while the GPU is 35% faster.

New MacBook Notebooks

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New MacBook Air and MacBook Pro notebooks are coming!

As for Air, Apple is finally rejecting Air’s distinctive shape (op.a. which many have said looks like a “big slice of cheese”), opting for standard flat design – although the laptop is only 11.3 mm thick.

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Since we are in a time when we are all constantly on video calls because we work from home, Apple has set aside time and resources to improves built-in camera which comes with the MacBook Air, promising twice the resolution (at 1080p) and significantly improved performance in low light.

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Furthermore, it has a current (liquid) retina screen from 13.6 inchesTouchID built – in keyboard and support for MagSafe 3. Apple says it will offer a slim charger with 2 USB-C ports and that the new MacBook Air will support fast charging to charge the battery to 50% in just 30 minutes of charging. Price starts from $ 1199 (op.a. Croatian shops have not yet announced the prices, but it is assumed that the price will be around 11-12 thousand for the base model), while delivery starts “next month”.

We must not neglect the 13-inch either MacBook Pro who also gets M2 chipand Apple promises you will CPU-a do 40% brži compared to the MacBook Pro M1. The Pro will start priced at $ 1299, and delivery will also be “next month”.


The next big release of macOS will be called “macOS Ventura”. Here are the highlights:

  • Stage manager”Which we have already mentioned, also comes on macOS. It will allow you to focus on one, two or more applications at once. In fact, you can group running applications together, and when you tap the group in question, they will be in focus, while other applications will be minimized.
  • Spotlight gets a minor redesign; it will be able to give you better search results, and you will be able to view the found file immediately from it, without opening it. You will also have a “preview” option here.
  • Mail application gets support for “undo” sending, sending emails at certain times in the future, and you will be able to set reminders for certain emails. Furthermore, searching within Mail becomes smarter, will automatically correct typos and will know how to search for synonyms.
  • Safari will now be able to use “keys” instead of passwords – the system was built with Google and Microsoft to allow you to log in to websites and applications with biometric data (such as fingerprint sensors or facial recognition) without the use of any text passwords.
  • Apple’s game-development API Metal learns some new tricks, including upscaling and faster loading of resources.
  • Continuity Camera”: Your iPhone’s camera is certainly much better than the one built into your laptop – so Apple will allow you to use your iPhone’s camera for video calls on macOS. Attaching an iPhone to a laptop seems a bit silly, but because of the quality it will pay off, especially for some important video meetings.
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Writes: Boris Plavljanić

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