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Ahead of its Showcase with Bethesda scheduled for this Sunday evening, Xbox has unveiled its roadmap for the coming months. And among the main lines mentioned, the Moorcroft project or the possibility for developers to offer demos of their future games thanks to the Xbox Game Pass.

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Source : Xbox

Attract more and more players to yourself by strengthening the experience offered by all means. This has been the leitmotif of Xbox for several years and the enthronement of its theory of the three Cs (community, content, console – or cloud now, one would be tempted to say). Playing Xbox games by all means seems to have become more than ever the raison d’être of Microsoft’s gaming branch. Still need to have titles to offer.

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Part of the answer has taken the form of takeovers galore in recent years, between small and medium studios through the giants (Bethesda and ZeniMax) while waiting to see the arrival of the behemoths (Activision Blizzard King). The Xbox Game Studios family has become as large as that of Zola’s Rougon-Macquart. And there is obviously no question of stopping on such a good path, even without the need to sign new buyouts. Because there is a reservoir on which the firm can rely and which it has pampered for years, it is that of independent developers.

Project Moorcroft, the showfloor of demos

In order not to leave them behind in the face of its twenty or so much better – and logically – valued home studios, Xbox had a bright idea: the Moorcroft Project. Behind this name worthy of a theoretician (but which is in fact more of a reference to the city of Wyoming) hides a very simple idea, that of offering a demo space made available to developers to present their next games to players.

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Le Summer Game Fest Demo Event en 2021 // Source : Xbox

« We were inspired by what we experienced during the E3 or PAX shows, by meeting developers and small studios to discover their games and see their enthusiasm for sharing them.“, explains Sarah Bond, vice president in charge of the ecosystem and the experience of the game creators.These events have become rare in recent years and they do not necessarily have the resources or the opportunities to reach a large audience. We thought that the Xbox Game Pass could be their showfloor (main stage of the shows, editor’s note) to present their titles. »

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This Moorcroft project will therefore offer developers who so wish a space to offer demos of their future title to Xbox Game Pass users. “This will allow them to generate pre-launch excitement and curiosity while getting player feedback.adds Sarah Bond. “It will be extremely rewarding for them ».

During the last two Summer Game Fest events, Xbox had offered dozens and dozens of game demos to test for free on its consoles, but through a space on its home page, with titles to download individually. This time around, only members of the subscription service would have access.

A financial and highlighting boost

If for the players, this will be the opportunity to discover in preview portions of games and to be interested in titles which could pass under the radar, even within the Game Pass, for the developers, the interest is important too. “It’s important that everything we do and offer is beneficial for both players and developers.“, insists Sarah Bond. “Creating a demo is extra work for them, we are aware of that. For this, the program provides financial compensation for those who will have to design playable portions and will also earn great returns.»

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Microsoft Xbox Sarah Bond VP ecosystème
Sarah Bond, vice president of Xbox in charge of the ecosystem, during What’s Next in June 2022 // Source: Xbox
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Efforts far from being in vain. And to make it all very attractive, the American manufacturer adds that developers will also be able to feed their experience with numbers. They will be able to see the performance of their demos in order to better readjust the game before its release… which would most likely be done afterwards in the Game Pass. A win-win project for everyone.

Compete with Stadia and GeForce Now

By better framing the demos made available within the same space, Microsoft also gives additional appeal to its gaming offer on consoles and PCs. Until now, except occasionally, the demo versions were rather hidden in the store and at the whim of the few developers. Xbox wants to make it an essential element and push game creators to use its platform.

Unlike GeForce Now, which has space accessible from all media compatible with the cloud gaming service, and Google Stadia, which offers 30 to 120 minutes to test certain finished games for free and without downloading, Xbox should ask its developers to simply offer a few levels on consoles and/or PC. But it is quite possible, knowing the firm’s appetite for the cloud and that of the boss of the ecosystem who has made it a central point of her strategy, that the demos will eventually also be available in cloud gaming on all brackets.

Haven Xbox Summer Game Fest Demo Event
The French game Haven, discovered during Xbox’s Summer Game Fest Demos and which subsequently met with little success // Source: Xbox

If independents and small studios are the first targets, larger publishers could be tempted to take advantage of the program to get people talking about them upstream and take advantage of the potential tens of millions of Game Pass subscribers to get an idea of ​​the reserved reception. Response by the end of the year.

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