With the Xiaomi Smart Band 7, the Chinese company has launched a new fitness tracker that is not only available immediately, but is also sold at a slightly lower price. But there is also a cheaper alternative from the same company.

Xiaomi Smart Band 7 in price drop

Just introduced, the Xiaomi Smart Band 7 is already cheaper. Instead of the recommended retail price of 59.99 euros, you have to Amazon currently only pay 49.99 euros (view at Amazon). Admittedly, this is not a “real” drop in price, because Xiaomi is initially reducing the price a bit. Later it should rise again to almost 60 euros. So if you strike now, you save 10 euros.

That would be an alternative Offer Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 6 for 32.99 euros (view at Amazon). In the end it depends on whether you prefer to have the larger display or whether a smaller screen is sufficient for you. The range of functions has hardly changed. You only have a few additional sport modes with the new generation.

What is the Xiaomi Smart Band 7 capable of?

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The Xiaomi Smart Band 7 offers some interesting innovations. First and foremost, of course, the larger one Display with now 1.62 inches, so that the information can be better read while wearing during sports. The range of supported sports has been expanded to over 100. However, the hoped-for NFC function is still missing. These are only available in Xiaomi’s home country. Nothing has changed in terms of compatibility. You can still use the Xiaomi Smart Band 7 with any Android phone and iPhone.

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Overall that is Xiaomi Smart Band 7 is more of an evolution than the hoped-for revolution. The fitness tracker is developing in a good direction, but has now become noticeably more expensive again. In the coming weeks and months, however, the price would have to drop, so that we will probably soon find ourselves at less than 40 euros, because the 60 euros are actually a bit too much of a good thing. We will keep you up to date.