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Your smartphone has is composed of lots of hardware components. If one of these components isn’t working properly, it can ruin your whole phone experience. And you don’t want that, do you?

The question is how to determine exactly what’s wrong with your device? Maybe the accelerometer isn’t working, or opening web pages on mobile data or Wi-Fi is slow. Maybe some are currentleft” which you can easily solve by resetting the device, and maybe there is something more serious going on.
It’s an even bigger problem if you bought used Android device and you want to check if everything is working fine with it.

Whatever the problem, there are apps to help you figure out what’s wrong with your Android phone. Even if you don’t have a specific problem, it’s a good idea to perform a smartphone check to make sure everything is working as it should.

1. Phone Check and Test

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Phone Check and Test is one of the best Android hardware checker apps that you can install. The app works much like the CPU-Z app for (desktop) computers, giving you a full overview of your phone’s hardware specifics while adding a wide range of hardware checking options.

Hardware check options include:

  • Low memory check and suggestions
  • Battery check and charging socket test
  • Wi-Fi and radio check
  • Audio tests for speakers, microphones, headphone jack, and volume buttons
  • Display tests, such as dead pixels and color consistency
  • GPS tracking and location testing
  • Thermal stress
  • CPU, memory, and storage stress checks
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Fortunately, the app is easy to use. The Monitor option provides a basic overview of your phone’s current status, including CPU load, battery charge (and capacity), overall “phone health” and your current network connection.

Then you have the menu “Guided Test”, a section that allows you to run a series of tests. Scroll down the list and select the checks and tests you want (related to your smartphone problem) or leave everything on for a full system check.

Phone Check application suggests that you include Wi-Fi, Bluetooth i NFCcheck if you have battery at least 30 place and you perform the test without your phone being plugged in, i.e. without it being powered up. When you are ready and meet the above conditions, press the Test Phone button and wait for the results.

2. Phone Doctor Plus

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Phone Doctor Plus is like going to the doctor… but for your phone. The app allows you to go through a series of system hardware checks to make sure that every part, or every component, of your phone works properly.

The tests between Phone Doctor Plus and Phone Check are relative similar, but the Phone Doctor Plus user interface provides a better overall experience. It’s somehow easier/more pleasant to use. At least visually. We used two phones and both apps gave very similar results.

Phone Doctor Plus ima About 30 hardware tests for your Android smartphone, such as:

  • Movement sensors, including gyroscopes, accelerometers, and proximity sensors
  • Display tests, including dead pixels and touchscreen responsiveness
  • Cellular and network connection tests
  • Humidity, pressure, and temperature sensor tests
  • Memory, storage, and CPU benchmarking

Phone Doctor Plus certainly makes it easy to test your device. The ratings of each component are shown stars and quickly illustrate any problems or alert you to something that could potentially turn into a problem. Check conditions batteries it is also helpful and offers suggestions for the best ways to improve and recalibrate the battery.

3. Dead Pixels Test and Fix

The two previously mentioned applications they find dead pixels on your screen, but they don’t fix them afterwards. If Phone Doctor Plus or Phone Check shows a dead pixel or two, you can move on to the app Dead Pixels Test and Fix.

This free app runs a similar scan to other Android troubleshooting apps, identifying everything dead pixels. Some stuck pixels are hardware defects and no application can fix them. However, other pixels need to cycle through their three options (red, green and blue) enough times to refresh them and make them “work”.

Dead Pixels Test and Fix pokušava fix partial shortcomings subpixels, stuck subpixels, dead pixels, dark and bright spot defects, and phantom images. The procedure can last from a few minutes to more than an hour. The developer behind this app advises that if you don’t see any improvement within a few hours, the app will unfortunately not be able to solve your problem.

Then the only solution is to replace the screen, which of course can be expensive. It depends on which mobile phone you have. This it’s not a magic appbut it’s worth giving her a chance.

4. AccuBattery

Duration (lifetime) batteries i degradation are some of the things that frustrate many mobile device owners. Your battery seems to be working fine one moment, and the next the battery drops from 50 percent to 15 percent (for example). There’s a reason for that: batteries they have limited lifetimeand the vast majority of us do not maintain these batteries effectively.

AccuBattery app does not solve magically your battery problems. If your battery is “dead”, no application can help you “revive” it. However, AccuBattery goes through list of specific checks batteries in an attempt to figure out where your battery is in its life cycle.

The application contains useful information such as current capacity batteries in relation to the expected capacity (and thus the level of wear and tear). You’ll also find out how much your battery is draining with each charge and how much power each app is using, along with the overall discharge rate.

Definitely a useful application if you have owned a mobile phone for a long time, because battery degradation is not linear, but often exponential.

5. Repair System for Android

Repair System for Android is an application with many features such as junk file cleaner“CPU cooler”, “phone booster”, “game booster”, antiviral program and more. Most of these features fix problems with your phone, but the two main features of the app in terms of diagnosing what’s wrong with your phone are “System Repair” (Repair system) and “Hardware Check” (Hardware check).

Repair System checks for system-wide problems and fixes detected problems if possible. It also fixes (re)errors related to startup, file system and RAM.

Hardware Checker included in the app checks the basic hardware of your phone and shows which parts are working properly and which need to be repaired or there are indications that something might be wrong with them soon.

6. Test Your Android

As the name of the app suggests, Test Your Android the app tests various components of your Android device. The application is divided into “Utilities and Tools” (Utilities and Tools), “Device Information” (Device Information), “Hardware Testing” (Hardware Testing) and “Sensor Testing” (Sensor Testing).

Utilities and tools and Device Information provide you with many useful features and information about your device that are worth checking out. But hardware testing and sensor testing are the ones that are related to checking your phone’s health and which you should try first.

Hardware testing enables testing the color of the screen, multi-touch capabilities, cameras, speakers, fingerprint, etc. Each test helps you detect problems with your phone’s hardware.

Sensor testing tests various sensors, including light, temperature, pressure, compass and many others. After testing, you will receive a report whether the sensor is working properly or not.

7. Sensors

Sensors application is a set of tools with comprehensive diagnostic tool which informs you about everything related to the sensors of your mobile device.

The application is testing accelerometer, geomagnetic field, orientation, gyroscope, light, gravity and all the other sensors on your phone. The tests are visible through pictures, as well as through various graphs. It supports testing almost any sensor that an Android device may have.

In addition, this application can also test your battery, set date and time, camera (front and rear) and other hardware components connected to the system. We wouldn’t suggest this app as the only one you should try, but in combination with one of the others listed, it’s definitely useful.

Written by: Boris Plavljanić

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