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What remains of the 9 euro ticket at the end of August? Just a memory, an experience, maybe a sequel at some point? But it will be much more expensive. Either way, on August 31st, cheap tickets will end. The transport companies, of all people, now want to continue and extend the 9-euro ticket.

9 euro ticket before extension? VDV wants to continue until November

Before the start of the 9-euro ticket in June, the transport companies were among the harshest critics of the campaign. The worries were too large a rush of customers, too little capacity and hardly any preparation time. Some problems have arisen, but the collapse is a long time coming. The Association of German Transport Companies (VDV) is now becoming the advocate of the 9-euro ticket and requests that end be moved backwards.

“We need a successor solution quickly,” says VDV boss Oliver Wolff (source: Süddeutsche Zeitung via Tagesschau). “It would be best to do the action as a temporary solution extended by a further two months. The ticket could continue to apply in September and October and thus relieve the citizens of the high energy prices.” It would not end until the beginning of November.

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What works with the 9 euro ticket and what doesn’t? The answer is in the video:

This should bring two advantages: On the one hand, the one cited by Wolff relief for consumers. The energy price crisis is unlikely to ease in the coming months. At least corresponding signs would not be foreseeable at the moment.

On the other hand, politicians can use the additional time to to prepare the long-term successor for the 9-euro ticket, like Wolff. Transport Minister Volker Wissing is currently planning to meet his counterparts from the federal states in autumn to launch a new public transport ticket. There should not be any money for this from the federal government, which should result in higher prices for customers.

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Without a 9-euro ticket, inflation hits consumers all the harder

But Wolff warns: “People shouldn’t fall into a hole at the end of August.” In his opinion, this would happen if the relief provided by the 9-euro ticket was dropped without replacement, without the high prices for energy and mobility having recovered.

It is not yet foreseeable that there will be an extension. On the contrary, Chancellor Olaf Scholz has already confirmed that the originally planned three months should remain – and thus the end of the 9-euro ticket at the end of August.

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