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What true lovers of adventure and discovering new destinations cannot imagine their travels without is their favorite music. If you have found yourself in the above, you are surely aware of how much listening to the music you love can contribute to your mood at a given moment and bring back memories of all the beautiful moments and experiences from your travels.

Therefore, whether you are traveling to the other “end” of the world or sometimes you need a weekend trip as an escape from reality, we will agree, music is our best companion. Whether you’re going on an action-packed vacation or you’re the type who prefers to spend time lounging on the beach to the beats of your favorite tunes, enhance your vacation by choosing one of the Philips GO series sports headphones or portable speakers.

For trips where nothing will hold you back

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Whether you’ve escaped the city for a weekend in the mountains or you’re traveling to a faraway destination that takes several hours of flight time, Philips GO sports wireless headphones they allow you freedom of movement and carefree indulgence in enjoying the music you listen to. You can choose from multiple models of fully wireless sports headphones, sports headphones with a headband, or open sports headphones, depending on which type of headphones you prefer. Whichever model you choose, you won’t go wrong!

Fully wireless sports headphones

If you can’t even imagine your trip without sports activities like running or exercise, then they are Philips TAA7306BK wireless sports headphones are the right choice for you. The headphones have adjustable ear holders, and their flexible wings ensure a secure fit to the ear. With the energetic sound that is achieved, you’ll be able to stay focused on whatever you’re doing. Clear sound and powerful bass can accompany you for up to 24 hours of playback, and they offer you several modes of operation so that you can talk to people around you without taking off your headphones or answer a call. In addition, the headphones have a built-in heart rate sensor compatible with the popular fitness and Philips headphone app, thanks to which you can monitor your heart rate and listen to your body at any time of wear. In addition, these headphones offer you the option of UV cleaning, which removes up to 99 percent of bacteria. It is only necessary to put them in the charging case after wearing them, so that the UV cleaning cycle removes the bacteria formed during use. You can wear these headphones even in the shower, and they are also resistant to dust.

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Sports headphones with headband

Let great sound accompany you in your new adventures Philips TAA4216BK sports headphones with a headband. This model of headphones is very light, and due to the comfort of the headband, you will forget that you are wearing them. Whether you’re on the beach, on the plane, or training even while on vacation, these headphones are guaranteed to give you 35 hours of playback from just one charge. The closed-back construction ensures excellent isolation of passive noise, so you can listen to your music loudly without disturbing others. There is also a multi-function button that allows you to pause playlists, accept calls, control volume and call your phone’s voice assistant. No matter what you’re doing, you’ll always be able to regain the feeling of freshness with these headphones from the GO series, because the soft and breathable covers of the ear cushions are filled with cooling gel, and they can also be removed for easier cleaning. The headphones are resistant to water and dust.

Open sports headphones

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A completely new way of listening is guaranteed Philips TAA6606BK sports headphones. Due to the open design, the sound is transmitted to the inner ear through the bones of the face, so you will hear both the music and what is happening around you. With such a design, your safety is guaranteed because you will be more aware of your surroundings. A single charge of these headphones provides approximately nine hours of playback, and the light design of the band allows you to wear them for a long time without feeling discomfort, spoiling your hair or feeling pressure on your head. The headphones are also resistant to rain, so you can listen to music even in the shower.

Wireless speakers for even richer sound

Provide a happy and beautiful atmosphere when hanging out with friends or family on a trip with Philips TAS7807 and TAS4807 portable speakers. Regardless of whether you’re hosting an outdoor get-together, such as at the beach, or perhaps at the cottage, these portable speakers can be used in all conditions thanks to their dust- and water-resistant design. You are guaranteed high-quality sound and excellent reproduction of deep bass, as well as clear high tones. In addition to being powerful in sound and easily portable, they can also be paired with another set to offer real stereo sound for real fun.

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